Youth Leader Mission

Youth Leader Mission

My name is Chelsea Hayes, and I live in the United States. My family isn’t in Christ, but they are a priority target of my ministry. I share the love and joy of the Lord with them when I have the opportunity. Currently, I identify most as a Youth Leader. One of my primary ways of serving in my youth leader mission is to help the youth pastor of my church by operating the technology for service. Doing youth ministry here presents unique challenges. Often the most difficult part is getting them to engage outside of their normal comfort zone and step out. Another problem is scheduling conflicts with after-school activities, sports, and students working.

I first came to know the Lord in the same youth group where I now serve. A group of leaders there went the extra mile to reach out and take time to care for and teach me. It truly showed me the love of Christ because it cost them the effort. But they did it anyway, against several circumstances, and I didn’t understand why they would really (not just superficially and socially) care for someone they weren’t obligated to by blood or otherwise. Now my local church is like a great big family to me, I really couldn’t tell you how much of a difference their love and support makes to me. I wouldn’t be here without them, and I know that they’ll answer my questions and encourage me for as long as we’re all here.

This class provided encouragement while requiring dedication. It’s a question of how strongly you’re willing to chase the dream. I hope someday to lead groups of people in Bible studies or at least to organize and participate in the events. I feel a community need for in-depth relationships and want to facilitate that. In order to do something like that and to better lead the youth of my church in my youth leader mission, I want to study and learn what I never had the benefit of receiving from my parents. I often feel like I’m reading the Bible and my class readings at a very shallow level so I am seeking to go deeper in my learning.

I would never be able to afford to take classes if it were not for Christian Leaders Institue. I do not intend to profit from my ministry financially. But I think even if one does not plan to lead, all Christians need to see themselves as missionaries to the world in their daily life. We have access to people and places (like our own home and workplace) that the light the pastor shines on Sunday can’t reach. It’s our job to bring the light to them. Please pray that I hold fast and do not loose dedication. Pray also for my memory recall, so that when God gives me opportunities I can use what I’ve learned to the fullest.

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