Youth Leader Ministry

Youth Leader Ministry

I am currently living in the UK and serving in Children & Youth Ministry at my church. Being brought up in a Catholic home, I had always believed in God and Jesus. I attended church regularly and served as a Young Christian Worker. Over the last few years, my relationship with Jesus and walk with the Lord has strengthened. Being baptized by the Holy Spirit has resulted in not only reading the words in the Bible but actually understanding the meaning and how to apply the principles in my day to day life. It has also fueled my call to a youth leader ministry.

My ministry dream is to reach the unreached and win souls for Jesus. Sharing the Gospel, living the principles of the Bible, and loving others as Jesus taught us to do is something I strive to do. The Bible Connection walk with God section has helped renew and strengthen my own walk with the Lord.

I am currently working in small groups as a Youth Leader and Small Group Leader. Serving with young people and experiencing their Salvation to the Lord has been the main motivation for seeking to pursue a life in youth leader ministry. Studying the Bible and applying it to my own life has brought a transformation in my life in my connections with others and serving in the church. My local church has supported my ministry calling with weekly ministry Bible study sessions, group sessions, and opportunities to serve in the church.

A scholarship at Christian Leaders Institute is important to my ministry dream as it enables me to train in key areas of ministry at my own pace without the barrier of course fees. Please pray that the Holy Spirit guides me in all I say and do. Please pray that I am obedient to God´s word and that I never grow weary of serving Him and loving Him.

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