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Yoga Faith Ministry Call

My name is Sarah Werthman from Connecticut, USA, and I am called to develop a Yoga Faith Ministry. I grew up in the Methodist church as a child. After my father passed when I was nine, church attendance dwindled. Despite that, I always had a strong faith that God was there, guiding me and answering my prayers. Maybe you think that nine is a young age, and perhaps the loss wasn’t that bad as there couldn’t have been many memories. I agree with one thing: the loss wasn’t “that bad.” Stick with me on this one.

I had a special relationship with my Dad. When he passed, I had nothing but wonderful and happy memories. They are as vivid as if they were only yesterday. Part of my dealing so well could be contributed to the fact that my mom put me in counseling immediately after he died. To this day, I honestly never hurt. I missed him, of course. However, that’s not where I’m going with this.

As a young teenager, I became pregnant. After having my son, I went back to my childhood church. More than anything, I loved connecting with people. However, outside of the church, there were years of looking for love in all the wrong places. I misplaced my priorities, and if I’m honest, I drank too much. In my mid-thirties, I finally learned my worth. Then, God placed in front of me, the man I would marry, my soul mate. Together, we have a beautiful blended family.

Something was Missing

It was early in our relationship that I realized I was missing something. It was clear that it was my connection with God. I church hopped, week after week. Then, I decided to attend a Bible study at a church I’d visited years prior at the invitation of an old classmate. At the time, the new worship wasn’t for me. I was accustomed to church buildings with steeples, hymns, and traditions. But not this time. Within days, I turned the radio on and found K-Love. And now, the music I wasn’t too keen on struck a chord with me (no pun intended…but good for me – haha! I love a play on words).

During this particular weeknight teaching, an announcement told of an upcoming women’s breakfast. It was at this event that I was forever changed and set on a new path. After listening to one woman’s testimony, I cried and thought, “I can be forgiven too. Praise God!” She convinced me to come back, and I’ve never looked back!

Several more women’s events followed and left me crying and being prayed over as I felt the healing hand of God through these glorious women. After a while, I wondered, “Will I always be the one in tears? Or will I be able to pour into others, as they have for me?” The depth of God’s love for his children is overwhelming. Once I learned that forgiveness through the sacrifice of Jesus was mine, and I truly understood Him as my Lord and Savior, I received baptism. Never have I felt such an overwhelming presence of the Holy Spirit.

Ministry Dreams and Finding CLI 

Working within a city filled with many homeless people, I felt the calling to minister to them. I once heard of a woman who was in a homeless community trying to help by donating. One of the homeless women got upset and told her that they didn’t need donations; they needed jobs! So this woman found a way to incorporate and hire the homeless to make clothes. Day after day, I contemplated…what can I do to truly help? What can I do to provide employment to these individuals? I imagined opening various shops and doing the same but that was not in my immediate future. But, what I can do is offer support and God willing, hope and salvation to these individuals. But how? A single mom, working more than full time. I couldn’t afford to go to a seminary.

Through my church, I’ve seen members get ordained through the Christian Leaders Institute and thought, “maybe someday.” On a Sunday, a particular member was ordained, and something about her made me want to reach out to her. She was a woman whose walk I would love to mirror but in my way. She was so full of joy! I sent her a congratulatory message and became friends on Facebook. Years later, she gave testimony via Facebook about what CLI had done for her with an offer to share more about it. I asked her for more information and immediately signed up!

Yoga Faith Ministry Call

At one point in my life, I was taking secular yoga classes that I loved but did feel convicted. Because I loved the practice of yoga, I would spend time in my head talking to Jesus. Then one day, due to minor surgery, I took a break and never went back. Since then, the Lord put it on my heart to take up Christian yoga. Hence, I’ve begun my 200 hour Yoga Faith ministry training.

I toiled over this for a few years questioning whether it was really God that planted this seed and then, once again, He placed it right in front of me, in the perfect circumstances. Not only will this fuel my passion for yoga, it allows me to minister the love of Jesus to others through this growing popular means of exercise.

I feel my training at CLI will help me to deepen my Yoga Faith ministry in reaching others, not only “on the mat” but off of it. While I have all of these emotions and feelings, my knowledge needs extensive growth. It is a magnificent gift to have CLI and the Vision Partnership available to those who want to grow in their walk with Jesus.

One More Thing

Now, back to my dad’s passing. A couple of years ago when I heard “Good Good Father” by Chris Tomlin, it occurred to me why I never ‘struggled’ with my dad’s death. I never got angry, or bitter, or even sad, really. Get ready. It was and is because He, God, has been my Father all along!

Throughout my life, I’ve made good and bad choices. But through it all, God was there. God has literally guided every one of my steps. He picked me up when I fell. He showed me the lesson in every one of my mistakes. And without a doubt, He orchestrated my journey to be exactly where I am today. I lean on Him in doubt and fear. I try to remember to praise Him in good times. And I’m thankful to Jesus Christ for making it so! My story is to remind you that God is your Father of fathers. He loves every one of you, and you are never alone. Peace be with you!

Learn about ordination at the Christian Leaders Alliance. Interested in a low-cost degree? Check out the CLI’s Leadership Excellence School.

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