Worship Leader Studies Ministry

Worship Leader Studies Ministry

Hello and greetings. My name is John Parks I grew up in a little town in Alabama my graduation class had less the 30 people. I am the oldest 2 children. I have an amazing wife, and we have been blessed with a beautiful child.

The town I grew up in is a lot like other towns in America it had more churches than stores. Everyone went to church but few really walked the walk.

I was brought up in the church but most of my childhood it was just checking a spiritual box it wasn’t something I lived each day. I made the decision to serve the Lord in my preteen years.

I attended a small southern church and had a great brother in Christ who began to teach me to play guitar and worship at church we done many hymns and I wrote a few worship songs. In my teen years I began to play a21guitar in a youth group. Since then I have played in praise bands and enjoy it.

I see my calling being in a Pastorate role. However, my true destination is wherever the spirit leads me. A scholarship from CLI is a blessing to me in the fact I can get the education I need, and in the future through donations can support others so they can answer Gods call in their own lives.

This worship leader studies ministry courses at CLI. These free program of study is open for anyone who has the Internet. Enroll now.

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