Worldwide Ministry Dream

Worldwide Ministry Dream

I’m Ochelle Baller and I have a worldwide ministry dream for the Lord. I was born in the capital of the Philippines, Manila, and grew up in a small city, Dipolog. My grandmother took care of me as my mother was a bit lost at the time she had me. My father was out of the picture and that’s the reason why I grew up thirsty for a father’s love. My mother passed away when I was twelve, leaving five children, me and my half-sisters. The youngest was adopted by the brother of my stepfather. LL, the middle child had to live with my aunt in Manila and the rest of my sisters lived together with my grandmother and me.

I had traveled from island to island for work. I’ve worked in different industries from customer service, government, hospitality, sales, travel, and education. In 2010, I migrated to Canada to be with my husband. We are a blended family of three children, two boys (from my husband) and a girl (my daughter). My career in this new country evolved from retail to real estate. I currently work as a Leasing and Marketing Coordinator in a real estate company.

My thirst for my father’s love was replaced with the thirst for the love of my great Father, God. My search for the Living Water started when I met my husband. He was raised in a Christian family and he had encouraged me to get up from the pit of darkness. Before we got married, I got baptized. I started attending a Christian church in the Philippines and joined my husband’s congregation, Westway Christian Church in Etobicoke upon arriving here in Canada. My husband and I were serving actively in our first church home. I worked as an office administrator at our church, taught Sunday School, became the Service Director and organized Christmas pageants and events. My husband became the chair of the board and we continued to serve our church until we moved to a different city. We are currently attending Alive Church – Newmarket (previously named Newmarket Community Church). My husband and I are teaching in Sunday School as well as teaching our two boys. I introduced service directing to the church and I serve as one the service directors. For a year, we were also part of the Marketing & Outreach Team. Yesterday, I got a message from one of the deacons at our Church. They have invited me to join the Women’s leadership team.

Last year, our women’s group had a Bible study, Experiencing God by Henry and Richard Blackaby, and I have been pursuing a daily love relationship with God. This year, the Holy Spirit has been speaking to me that I am to thrive. I attended our annual Divine Women’s Conference in June and my prophetic word was “My desire for you My Daughter is for you to thrive. In Me, you will see many great exploits of my healing and my restoring power. Not just for yourself but for all those you bring before Me. Trust Me I will not fail you” Philippians 4:13.

Both my husband and I have a heart for missions as part of our worldwide ministry dream. We have already started helping two local schools (a school for children with disabilities and a school for children with special abilities) in the Philippines by running book drives and providing some teaching materials and sponsoring students for medical appointments and surgery. Stumbling upon Christian Leaders Institute’s website was truly God given as I believe that having this ministry training will equip me for the work that God has set before me.

Obtaining a scholarship at Christian Leaders Institute will help me and my husband realize our worldwide ministry dream. It will help us in realizing and growing the ministry of reaching out to the students, their families, and teachers. It will also equip us in sharing the Good News and sharing the love of God through the provision of medical needs, learning and teaching aids. Also, we have a ministry in our workplace. My husband has been sharing the Word of God to his boss, and after three years, he has finally accepted Christ into his life. This year, God has given me the opportunity to give a Bible to our president and to pray for my previous manager. Currently, I have been praying to see if God wants me to join Him with His works at Ghana Rural Integrated Development, a Christian based non-profit organization, as Partner Development Lead. I believe that God has called us to take part in His work where He has placed us and to make use of the talents and abilities that He has given us.

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