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By listening to God and then obeying Him, Brooke found CLI online and can now fulfill her calling of working in women ministry in her local community.

Women Ministry: I Found Christian Leaders Institute

My name is Brooke Brueckner, and I am called to women ministry. I’m from a small town in the United States of America, Black Canyon City, Arizona.

My husband and I have been youth leaders at Calvary of Black Canyon for nearly three years now.  We teach and guide children from ages 3 to 12. Though our town is beautiful and sweet, it has its share of problems with drugs and such. So we also run and coordinate the town’s outreach program (Open Gym) at our local elementary school. Many of our children have parents that don’t come to church. So these little guys get themselves up and ready on Thursdays and Sundays to go to our bus stop to get picked up for church! It is my joy to guide them in the way of the Lord. I learn from them, just as I continuously teach them in return.

I grew up in a Christian home and went to church often. When I was a teen, my mom was dealing with mental health issues. This was very tough for me, and I decided to leave home. With this decision, I also decided to leave my walk with the Lord and go down my path for about nine years. This path was very rough and steep because I wasn’t making my decisions with or for the Lord.

One day, I felt the Lord knocking on my heart of stone and slowly started to come around. I came in full swing when we moved to Black Canyon City, and God led me to Calvary. As my relationship with the Lord became strong, my mother and I rekindled our relationship, and her mental health is getting better.

The enemy is always at work and swoops in to bring us back a few steps. That did not stop us from moving forward. Instead, I became even stronger in my walk with Him. I would encourage my mom instead of abandoning her because the Lord never abandoned me. He was always there by my side. Now my mom is taking control of her health! She often helps me with many things, including homeschooling our children. God is GOOD!

While I was making pancakes one morning and talking to God, He told me I needed to focus on women ministry! So I asked him, “How do I do this, Lord?” That’s when I got a feeling to get online, and there’s where I found Christian Leaders Institute. I’m so excited because my dream is to not only help the children of our town but to help their parents! God is preparing my husband and me to help these broken families.

Christian Leaders Institute is going to guide me down the right path to reach that goal. God is amazing and always provides. You see, I can’t afford classes from many of the other online schools. I looked into it, and it is just not in my budget. But God kept bringing me back to the CLI website. I’m forever grateful to all that made this online school possible for free — not only the people that created this program but the Vision Partners as well. I’m very excited to become a vision partner soon myself.

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