Women Ministry Training

Women Ministry Training

My name is Janine and I am receiving women ministry training. I live in Ronkonkoma, NY in the United States. I was born and raised as a Catholic but fell away as I became an adult. For years, I went and did my own thing, totally ignoring my Catholic faith. However, it came to a point where the way I was living, the path I was taking, was not leading me towards who God was calling me to be. Then, I reconnected with a friend from high school and he suggested that we do a Bible study together. We studied the book of Romans via email and it was from that experience I knew what I had to do. I was reading an email from my friend regarding the answers I had given to the chapter we had worked on. He decided to call me out and I will never forget his question to me, “What is holding you back?” The question caught me by surprise. What really was holding me back? I racked my brain for answers, but I did not have an answer, not one excuse. So, in my sister’s basement, where I was living at the time, I responded to his email, his question. Taking a quote from the movie, “Fireproof,” I simply typed “I’m in.”

As my walk with the Lord began, I never had any desire to enter into ministry. I figured that I would volunteer my time here and there, but that was it. Then I started to get this nagging feeling, like I was being tugged at. It was then that I realized volunteering my time was not going to be enough. Around that time, I was able to obtain an internship position with a website called “One Thing Alone.” It was through that experience I found the passion I had in me for writing and wanting to use that gift to serve God. I want to be able to use my writing to not only spread the Good News, but to impact women from all walks of life, whether it be in person or through the internet.

Coming across Christian Leaders Institute was an answer to prayer! Since working through the “Getting Started” course, my passion for God and His Word has been reignited. Through this course, I have learned that God does have a plan for me and that no one is unqualified. God has met me where I am at and has sent me the opportunity to learn at CLI and receive women ministry training. In addition to that, I am more motivated to get into my Bible and connect with God on a whole new level. I need to keep God in the center of my life, so that I can better hear Him and serve Him.

I do know, however, that this journey towards ministry will not be an easy one. As a wife and a mother to three boys, my time will have to be used wisely, allowing enough time for study and home life. I will also need to find a mentor. For many years, I have been looking for the right person and have learned that it’s not up to me, but to God. Once I surrendered to that, God has led me to someone who just might fit the bill. Distance can also be an issue. In the town where I live, if one doesn’t have a car, it is hard to get around. There is public transportation, but the schedule is not always the best. These are issues that I know God will take care of, since in the grand scheme of things, these are minor issues compared to those others might face.

I am very thankful to have found CLI. This is an opportunity that I have prayed for for a long time. Through this coursework of women ministry training, I feel like I am ever closer to reaching my dream of being involved in women’s ministry.

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