Wedding Officiant Ordination

Wedding Officiant Ordination

John and Jennifer see their uncle George as a godly man who walks with God. They would like to ask George to be the officiant at their wedding. They also see George as one who could meet with them to give them some advice on being married. George has been a Christian leader to them in many ways.

Problem. They did not think that George was ordained, which is a requirement in their state.

They are happy to find out that George has his Wedding Officiant Ordination through Christian Leaders Institute.

This wedding officiant ordination is not just some piece of paper that is sent in the mail like so many online wedding officiant ordination documents. George received quality ministry training. This ministry training included:

Basic Christianity (7 Credits)
Pastoral Care and Marriage (3 Credits)
People Smart in Ministry (3 Credits)
Chruch and Ministry (3 Credits)
Wedding Officiant Ordination (1 Credit)
Total: (17 Credits)

John and Jennifer found out about another feature of the Wedding Officiant Ordination at Christian Leaders Institute. Christian leaders who go through their program must have three endorsers independent of themselves who affirm their calling, character and gifts for ministry.

This Wedding Officiant Ordination is credible. John and Jennifer ask George to be the officiant at their wedding. They also meet with George for some pre-marital counseling. For George, this was the beginning of a ministry journey.

The above story is a scenario that is being played out in the lives of Christian Leaders who get their wedding officiant ordination at CLI.

Meet Koan Nissen. His has served in the United States Military. His stated dream is simple:  “I would like to be a certified/qualified chaplain doing His work for our troops.”

Koan found Christian Leaders Institute online. Because of his busy schedule and availability free of charge he thought he would begin his training in ministry.

Koan has completed the Wedding Officiant Ordination requirements. Koan reflects on this education experience at Christian Leaders Institute:

 The Christian Leaders Institute has taught me so much in the 17 continuing education hours I’ve completed. This wedding officiant ordination is the next step to providing citizens in my community and beyond with ceremonies grounded in God’s word. I know that academically I am better equipped to help spread God’s message and the good news of Jesus’ great sacrifice. There are a number of people that I can now effectively communicate God’s inerrant word to by way of sacred ceremonies and unions–such as Christian weddings.

Koan has pursued Wedding Officiant Ordination at Christian Leaders Institute (CLI). At CLI, Ordination is not just a piece of paper. You need local endorsements from local Christian Leaders. One of those endorsements includes the candidate’s spouse if married.  Koan submitted three endorsements. One of the endorsement was from Koan’s spouse, Cassi Nissen. She writes,

I think my husband would be a good officiant because his life has been a testimony as to what God can do with someone despite trials and hardships. He has been through tough family times- he has seen desperation and despair in his own home as he grew up. He has made life-changing decisions and knows what it is like to live with those decisions. He has also felt extreme loss and shame in his life.

Through all of that, he has maintained his faith in God and can name numerous times when, through the dark, he heard the Lord speaking to him. He would be able to relate to so many people through all of his experiences and would be able to be a living example of how amazing things can be coming out on the other side. He is kind and loyal and will not give up on anyone. His passion for the Lord can be seen in his excitement when he discusses his beliefs with someone. People enjoy listening to him speak and his sincere demeanor makes people understand the Truth- though it may sometimes be a hard “unpopular” message to convey. My husband is strong and knowledgeable and would be able to (has been able to) stand up to even the toughest of critics. He would be an incredible addition to anyone’s staff.

In Him,

Cassi Nissen

Christian Leaders Institute is raising up a new generation of Ordained Christian Leaders who come with a calling. These leaders have gifts for ministry and desire to get high-quality training to strengthen those gifts. These leaders have the support of local church leaders and family members. These leaders are going to change the world!

If you are interesting in starting your training that may conclude with your Wedding Officiant Ordination including free training, click here to complete the required Christian Basics Getting Started Class.

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