Tuition Free Ministry Education

My name is Corrie Cunningham – Brooks of Jamaica. I like to describe myself as a Christian daughter, wife, mother, teacher, author, and Radio announcer. The most amazing thing about me is that God has found it possible to use me, which is REALLY about Him. God also led me to the Christian Leaders Institute for a tuition free ministry education (Learn more about online Bible courses, Click Here).

Early Life and Conversion 

I grew up an only child, but my parents did have one child before me. He died at birth. I was born in the beautiful month of September on the 22nd day in the year 1981. I later surrendered my heart to the Lord when I was in primary school and got baptized in grade 6. The theme for the crusade that year was “Do or Die,” and the topic of the message on the night I surrendered my life was, “How Much Time Do You Have?” If ever there was a thought-provoking question, that would be it.

My walk with Christ has not been without challenges. I have fallen by the way many times, BUT my Heavenly Father has been faithful. At one point, I battled low self-esteem and depression, but the Lord Himself delivered me. Hallelujah!

Calling to Ministry

I can’t put a finger on when my calling to ministry came, but I know that I have always wanted to inspire others. One day after the church service, a visiting pastor shared with me a Word from the Lord. The Lord was basically telling me to stop running from what He had called me to. That Word helped me to be less fearful of launching out into becoming who God created me to be.

Ministry Training

I had no formal ministry training before coming to the Christian Leaders Institute (CLI). However, the Holy Spirit has always been my guide and has proven to be the best guide ever. I am thankful He led me to CLI for their tuition free ministry education!

Ministry Journey

My ministry started with voice notes to individuals and groups on WhatsApp. It then evolved into live videos and posts on Facebook. Eventually, I started cohosting on a Christian Radio station. Today, I produce and host three radio programs. All of this is through God’s enabling because none of this would be possible without Him.

Personal Life

I married Kenroy St George Brooks on December 27, 2003. The Lord has blessed us with three wonderful children (two boys and one girl). Glory to God’s most Holy Name!