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Hello, my name is Rachel Price. I am taking tuition-free ministry classes at the Christian Leaders Institute to prepare for whatever God calls me to do.

Born and raised in South Georgia, USA, I am married to a wonderful, loving, and godly man. Together, we have a beautiful 7-year-old son. When I was nine years old, I gave my life to Christ. At that time, I knew Jesus and God the Father. I also knew about Heaven and Hell. However, I did not know what being a Christian meant for my life.

My Journey

I was a rebellious child and teenager, and my life was filled with abuse from a very young age. Therefore, I chose to spend my teens and early 20s in rebellion. I ignored all of my convictions and disregarded my faith. After a failed engagement, I searched for love and married my best male friend. I wondered if we should marry after seeing a few “red flags.” However, I thought we could make our marriage work and that my fear was cold feet. He was a good man. We tried to make the marriage work through counseling, seminars, church, prayer, etc. However, he battled with some addictions that ultimately ended our 10-year marriage.

I felt responsible. I “knew” my rebellious past was to blame for the loss of our marriage and for being childless. Further, I felt God was punishing me as I could not accept grace.

New Beginnings

However, I began to lean on God during the end of my marriage. In a lost and dark place, God was the only “place” that felt safe for me. Then, I met a wonderful man, my now husband. While we were dating, he gave his life to Christ. Together, we built a marriage on faith, putting God at our center. Through understanding and unconditional love, my husband brought me closer to Christ. He taught me about forgiveness (forgiving myself, included) and had faith greater than a mustard seed that God would allow us to conceive a child. His faith strengthened mine.

After an encounter with what we both confess, to this day, was an angel – a stranger, a woman, approached me in a store. She laid her hands on me and asked God to bless my womb with a child. Our son was conceived five months later when I was 35. Having our son has strengthened my faith in the Lord.

Ministry Passion

My heart and passion are for women and children. I own a Cleaning Company, where I employ women from many backgrounds (abuse, addiction, and more). Therefore, I pour love and leadership into their lives. The clients we serve, we aim to show them love and compassion.

I’ve counseled pregnant and postpartum mothers since 2018. After suffering postpartum depression in 2016, I knew I didn’t want other mothers to feel so lost and alone. Our community does not offer childbirth education, breastfeeding, or postpartum education. My passion is to build a strong bond/relationship between mother and baby and to help mothers heal from past trauma. Further, I seek to assure new mothers suffering from postpartum depression that there is help and healing.

Recently, God put on my heart to pursue ministry. I am unsure how this looks at the moment. I believe it to be healing through counseling, serving, and natural medication. Healing is the gift God gave me six years ago as I was on my own journey to wellness.

Finding Tuition Free Ministry Classes at CLI

After studying the Holy Spirit in detail, I felt a tug. However, I was unsure if God really wanted me, of all people, to minister for Him. How unworthy am I? I asked God to speak to me. While reading my daily devotional, it directed me to 1 Timothy 1: 12-17. The first verse says, “And I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who hath enabled me, for that he counted me faithful, putting me into the ministry.” In awe and reverence, I cried.

Now, here I am, looking into the tuition-free ministry classes at Christian Leaders Institute and trusting God during this process. The tuition-free ministry classes are such a blessing to me. My son has neurological “gifts,” and my husband was injured in 2019. The financial responsibility and education of my son have fallen on my shoulders. God blessed my cleaning business to be able to provide for employees and my family. Admittedly, it is very tight for our family more often than not as a small business in a small town.

Thanks to the Lord, my husband was able to go back to school and get a degree. He is now on his path toward helping our family financially. But we are not out of the woods yet. This free training allows me to work towards discovering my ministry calling without worrying about finances. I am thankful to have found Christian Leaders Institute.

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