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God bless you, in the Name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! My name is Fred R. Wilson, III. Born and raised in Wilmington, North Carolina, I currently reside in Chesapeake, Virginia. Further, I am thankful for the tuition-free biblical ministry courses at the Christian Leaders Institute.

Early Encounters with God

Born into sin, I experienced God in my life at the early age of ten. As a young boy, God revealed himself to me in many ways. Around the age of eleven, there was a school bus driver who parked his bus not far from my bedroom window. I used to hear the bus as it departed and arrived back. One cold morning, the driver had difficulty starting the bus. As it was still early in the morning, the more he attempted to get the bus started, the more irritated I got. I then said in my head, “God, if you are real, make that bus start.” On the bus driver’s next attempt, the bus started, and I have believed in God since!

Generational Legacy

I come from a family of ministers and deacons. My grandfather was a deacon, and my father now serves as a minister. I officially received Christ into my life in 1988 at my place of employment. I asked Christ into my life after living in sin and seeing family members and friends die at an early age.

Tuition-Free Biblical Ministry Courses at CLI

In 1989, I joined the Navy. While serving on active duty, I assisted chaplains as a volunteer leader. During my many deployments, I taught Bible study classes and sang in the choir and men’s choir. After the required training, I served as a deacon at my local church. As a deacon, I serve communion, teach, and learn the Word of God, to name a few. I’ve volunteered to help raise money for many fund-raising events, including feeding the homeless.

The Christian Leaders Institute has opened my spiritual eyes. Thank you for these ministry and biblical courses. I have new goals and new horizons as I continue to walk with God and carry out His plan for my life!

Faithfulness Amid Imperfection

By no means am I perfect, but even when I am faithless, God remains faithful. I am still growing in Christ and patiently awaiting His next assignment. God bless!

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