Training for Women's Ministry

Training for Women’s Ministry

Join today and receive free training for Women’s Ministry. Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) offers free high-quality online ministry training. CLI accepts any individual anywhere in their life to learn about Christianity. Read a student’s testimony below who found CLI and is using the free training for women’s ministry to answer his call from God.

Hello! My name is Eva McCammon. I’m 21 years of age and have been married for almost 3 years. I’m currently a stay at home wife and serve my husband and 3 cats (Yes, they do require serving. If you have a cat you know what I’m talking about.) until The LORD blesses us with children. I reside in the United States.

I personally see ministry in the United States at a blessing and a curse. A blessing because our country has the freedoms and privileges to be able to worship and practice our faith free from government persecution. We can share the Gospel publicly and win souls to Christ because of our rights as Americans. The curse is while the government cannot legally restrict our abilities to minister to others, the consensus within government affiliates leaves Christians unable to live by their moral convictions laid out in Scripture and can discourage Christians in America from sharing the basic Gospel message. Of course, the positive attributes outweigh the negative by a great amount, but the negatives although small have created many quiet Christians within the United States.

I was brought up in Christ as a Roman Catholic who became very devout in my ministry work within the Catholic Church around my adolescent years. I trained Altar Servers, taught Catechism and Religious Education to middle school aged children as well as assisted in Confirmation classes years I and II. While I knew modern Catholic doctrine, I wasn’t shown actual biblical doctrine within its context until early adulthood. After attending a non-denominational “verse by verse, chapter by chapter” church for a month or two, I was given a New King James Version of the Bible. It was very difficult for me to read bible passages and understand them, or even find my way through the books of the bible, not knowing if some books were in the Old or New Testaments. I spent most of my young married life (that first year) independently studying the Bible to broaden my knowledge of Biblical Christianity and general biblical knowledge to not only educate myself but to educate the people around me who, like me, did not get the biblical education in their upbringing.

 I hope to acquire the knowledge and the set of skills needed to strengthen my walk with Christ so I can then accomplish my goals of working in Women’s Ministry and understanding more in-depth biblical insight and context from Genesis to Revelation.  I would also like to utilize the Catholic Theology I do have and minister to current or past Catholics who want to learn more biblical knowledge, and even minister to non-Catholics who have questions about the Catholic faith to better understand church teachings, beliefs, and help them develop insight into Catholic doctrine in light of biblical teaching. I hope CLI will provide me with training for Women’s Ministry. 

This class gave me a lot of vital tools I can use within my personal life and walk with Christ to better improve my devotional life and well as strengthening the relationships I have on this earth with my spouse, friends, and the other connections. Now that I have the steps I can take to better strengthen those relationships, it makes the drive to acquire the education that much more achievable.

CLI will allow me to gain the education to become a Small Group Leader within the community of Women. I have always had a drive for Women’s Ministry in helping it get back to the basic Titus 2 principles that are at the core of all Godly women. I also have a passion for educating the people like myself that didn’t get the biblical doctrines taught in their upbringing and may also be struggling with the tough transition of coming out of Catholicism. I am so thankful that CLI offers training for women’s ministry. 

 As I was still trying to gain knowledge and learn more in the ways of biblical doctrine, I met a lot of individuals who were still struggling in trying to read and understand the Bible like myself. This made my heart hurt because although I wanted to be able to educate them and give them that liberated freedom that the Gospel bestows upon you, I was also still trying to wrap my head around simple concepts such as salvation or even still struggling through worship services because it was nothing like I was used to or comfortable with. I spent those first two years saying, “It can’t be this easy!” because I was so accustomed to having to attend Holy Days of Obligation or attending Confession to maintain what Catholics consider to be the State of Grace. Not being in the State of Grace due to mortal sins (missing Mass willingly or committing murder) damns you to hell regardless of your belief in Christ. Growing up Catholic this is what you’re taught regarding salvation, and it’s a hard mindset to break. The small assumption that you know your salvation is assured is a sin.

Currently, I reside on a military base in South Carolina, but like anything military related it’s always subject to change. The biggest struggle, therefore, is the transient tendencies not only within our base but within ourselves in having to move after a duration of time. This can make getting rooted into a church or starting small groups within the Christian community extremely difficult.

Because I never really knew biblical doctrine, to begin with, diving in and connecting with Scripture changed my outlook on every aspect of my life. From as major as the concept of salvation to as minor is how women and wives are supposed to conduct themselves. My local church has been supporting me in encouraging me in my training and praying for whatsoever God’s wish is for me to utilize this training in being fulfilled. I’m forever so thankful that my husband and my Mentor being so supportive of my goals and dreams to complete my training for women’s ministry. I am also thankful for their biblical knowledge that has helped me along this journey.

 The one thing I wanted to be sure of regarding my education is to make certain to lessen the financial burden on my husband. In my search for a biblical education, I never thought I’d find something not only free but will also allow me to get my quality degree for such an affordable price that doesn’t put our family in financial strain. This scholarship allowed me to do just that, and I’m forever grateful. All I ask is to pray that God’s will be done in how He wants to use me in utilizing this ministry training, regardless of my will.

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