Trained and Equipped to minister

Exceedingly Abundantly More Than I Could Ask For or Imagine

Hello, my name is Jeromy Collins. I am being trained and equipped to minister through the online courses at the Christian Leaders Institute (Learn more about studying the Bible online, Click Here).

My family and I have lived in Southern Oregon, USA, for over a year. Married for 24 years to my wife, and we have three children. Our two oldest boys married twin sisters, and our daughter is a freshman in high school. Before moving to Oregon, we raised our children in the Central Valley and Bay Area of California. We live on the same property in separate homes, attend the same church, love the Lord Jesus, and serve His Body together.

The Early Years

Around the age of six, while visiting the cabinet shop where my father worked, my father shared the gospel of Jesus Christ with me. Immediately, I was changed and adopted into the family of Christ. From then on, I was on a mission to share my newfound relationship with God with everyone I knew. Then, at about the age of eleven, my parents divorced. My life was steered in a different direction. Given what I knew about my family’s belief in God, I was not expecting this in life…ever.

As a young man, I became angry and volatile. I rebelled against all authority. As often as possible, I ran away from home. Usually, I stayed with friends and even on park benches or wherever I could till the sun came up. I ended up in group homes, counseling sessions, and eventually living with my grandparents. I wouldn’t know until many years passed that the season I lived with my grandparents was incredibly impactful to me. It impacted both my life and my walk with the Lord.

My grandfather wasn’t soft on me. But, he directed my heart to the Scriptures and what it means to be a man of God indeed. He was a pastor for several decades. His example shaped the man and lifestyle for which I strive. Despite the Christian influences at the time, through high school, I ditched and slept in all my classes, eventually dropping out as soon as I was eighteen.


At the age of 20, lost in depression and suicidal thoughts and an attempt, I was looking for a means of escape and a way to change my life. That is when I committed a crime and stole a friend’s car. The conviction and pain I felt for what I did were so firm that the following day I turned myself in to the police. I stood trial to accept the consequences of my poor choices. God had unspeakable mercy on me as I faced a possible sentence of ten to fifteen years in prison. Instead, I was given one year in jail.

During my incarceration, I renewed my faith in God. Finally, God got a hold of my heart and mind. I even worried that my release would mean facing society with all its distractions and temptations. However, from this experience and that of my early years, God cultivated a broken heart for the lost and unsaved in me. God developed in me a desire to have my whole life be about the gospel of Jesus Christ. I wanted to help those hurting and lost in the darkness. My scars would be the catalyst to drive me into a mission-minded ministry.

A Second Chance

How God saved me has spoken and ministered to others of the greatness and far reach of God’s grace. We cannot out-sin grace! And one of the markers of how amazing God’s grace has been towards me was in 2014 when the governor of California, on Christmas Eve, gave me a full and unconditional pardon! This was a small taste of all Jesus did for the world.

Though my heart always loved God first, I haven’t always faithfully walked these past 26 years of my adult life. Yet, the Lord has been faithful to my wife and me in our marriage, with a mission to bring glory to God and have our three children. We considered entering full-time ministry in our earlier years. However, we ultimately served in various capacities in our local churches throughout our marriage. We ran a successful business for many years, then lost everything in the crash of 2008. I started a new job in construction after that. I spent seven years schooling as I worked and supported my family from then to 2021.

Further Surrender

About six years ago, around 40, I had enough of my then-stagnant and sometimes rebellious life. The Lord warned me to change and commit to serving Him wherever that led. Even if it meant construction for the rest of my life. I helped out at church, listened to Bible teaching while I commuted daily, shared my faith at work, spent time in Bible study with my family, and got on my knees in prayer more consistently.

In 2020, the Lord put it into our hearts to move from our beloved mountain home in California to Southern Oregon. Even though we didn’t know a soul there, we felt God’s call to full-time ministry, specifically in that area. So, after 25 years of construction, we took that step of faith and moved, not knowing God’s plan. Within the first few months of our move, I was asked to come into full-time vocational ministry, where I currently serve.

Trained and Equipped to Minister Through Courses at CLI

I received my GED while I was incarcerated. Over the years, I took some college classes and even some uncredited Biblical courses. The Christian Leaders Institute will make me trained and equipped to minister in every opportunity God has in fulfilling His calling on my life. We walk by faith. I make every plan with much prayer and a desire always to follow the Lord’s will. So, for now, I think that may include facilitating Community Groups in our home, helping in Young Adult outreach, short-term missions trips overseas, Men’s Discipleship, and Inductive Bible study.

While I look to the Lord’s Coming, I’m so thankful to have the opportunity in this generation to proclaim the good news! I can’t believe that CLI exists! My excitement to be a part of CLI is high! I always wanted to attend Seminary, but raising a family and working never afforded me the opportunity. Also, we have lived with just enough provision from God for many seasons.

Now, CLI is getting me trained and equipped to minister. I hope to be challenged, continue to grow in my understanding and knowledge of God’s Word, better administer His grace, and effectively share the Truth of Who He is with the world. I hope that my life will stand as a witness and legacy to all Christ is and that my family will be deeply impacted.

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