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My Life With and In Christ

My name is Lodesca Livingston. Looking for theological studies online, I found the Christian Leaders Institute. The courses at CLI will equip me for my calling from God to ministry.

I live on a tiny island in the Southwestern Caribbean called Old Providence, which is part of the Archipelago of San Andres, Providence, and Santa Catalina. The island’s history is intertwined with the British colonial history in the Caribbean and America. I was born here in the late 1960s. Later, I traveled abroad for studies and then came back home to help care for my mom. I have recently decided to move to Bogota, Colombia.

My Youth and Education

I am the first of eleven brothers and sisters. I grew up right here on the island of Providence. My childhood days were happy. There was always something to share with others. My father was a farmer and a fisherman, so our kitchen always had food. My mother was a hardworking woman who cared for her home and helped my dad on the farm. We grew up with great freedom and many opportunities to play and share with other kids. My father had strict rules at home. Manners and respect were essential. Children were required to respect their elders.

I finished high school in 1986. However, I did not go on to college immediately because my parents did not have the resources to help me. Therefore, I worked for two years before attending college. I studied Educational Psychology. My first intention was to go to seminary where I would study Theology, but I decided to pursue something else.

I grew up in a house where we did not sit around the table to have devotions or praise God. However, my mom made sure we went to church and attended Bible school every afternoon on Sunday. Childhood days circled school, play, and church. I accepted Christ at 13 and was baptized at the First Baptist Church of Providence Island.

The Way Back to God

After finishing my undergraduate, I returned to my territory. I worked there for three years and then traveled abroad for my master’s degree. During this period, some situations led me away from God. I deflected for a while. However, later, I came to my senses and restored my relationship with God, and grew closer to him. After my master’s degree, I returned to my territory and worked as a principal for two years at a school. It was a lonely time, and I depended on God for everything. At this time, I realized that God wanted more from me. Therefore, I became a leader in the church attended at the time. I also occasionally participated in the radio program and delivered the message when delegated.

Attacks, Challenges, and the Desert

Many would think all would be well after recognizing you have a calling. However, it was not like that for me. After that, I suffered the most horrible attacks from the enemy. I still suffer from them. With every step I climbed, there was a series of attacks and challenges to overcome. At times, I was on the mountain. At other times, I found myself in the valley asking God many questions because things seemed so hard. The enemy even tried to kill me.

However, in one of those moments when I was crying before God, He showed me my life in a vision. He passed my life before me from when I was a kid until then. Further, God brought back moments of my life when Satan wanted to kill me. He showed me that He was there to save me! Glory to God! Through this, God wanted me to be confident that He was and is always there to back me up. Therefore, I don’t have to fear. These battles led me to seek God more profoundly by reading books and studying the Bible, God’s Word. It is essential to say that God was faithful when I went through my desert.

During my Bible study classes, the class was asked about their calling. I responded by saying that I wanted to lift people. However, the leader of the class told me that that wasn’t a ministry. His attitude shocked me. But I decided not to let that break me. I continued to serve in whatever I was appointed to do in the church.

Theological Studies Online at CLI

In 2014, I changed location and moved house, which came with moving church. I found a new church but did not accept any leadership position. At this time, I sought guidance from God about my purpose. I then decided to take the calling seriously and prepare myself for it. Though willing to accept the challenge, the possibilities were limited because there wasn’t a university or academy in my territory. Therefore, I decided to do my theological studies online. So, I looked for online programs that would be financially accessible and also offer good biblical training. I surfed the internet for many days, even weeks until I came across CLI and registered. Here, I am in training to support the purpose. Thank you, CLI!

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