Theological and biblical education

A Journey with the Lord

Hello, I’m Mimi! I am taking classes at the Christian Leaders Institute for continued theological and biblical education (Learn more about free theology and Bible courses online, Click Here).

My Youth

I grew up in Guatemala City in a Christian family. It is debatable how Christian my family was; however, everyone believed there was a God and heard about Christ. Latin America is a very religious region, and Christianity is mainly in the form of Catholicism. However, it does not mean that the people know Jesus Christ. I grew up in this context.

My great grandparents were Mennonite pastors. Due to this fact, I got to study in a private Mennonite school. There I was educated with high moral standards, discipline, and biblical instruction. However, at my home, things were different. My parents, brother, and I lived at my grandparents’ house. Even though we attended church, it took us a long time to live a God-honoring life. So, there was confusion in my mind.

Then, my parents moved out of my grandparents’ house responding to the calling they had for a long time. They studied theology and became pastors in the south of Guatemala. At that time, I moved to the city alone to study at University. During my university studies, I was stumbling in my Christian life. But, I never stopped going to church and serving. I knew I was called to serve the Lord. However, I lived what I learned from my childhood. I also didn’t want to do something because of my family. I wanted to make my own decisions.

God’s Calling

God’s calling continued to sound in my heart. Finally, I answered and knew I needed a theological and biblical education. So, I registered in the Central American Theology Seminary. There, I studied and graduated as a Theology Professor. I was studying Literature at the University San Carlos of Guatemala, Theology at the Seminary, and had a full-time job. It was a very busy time, but the Lord got me through.

I desired to be a Bible Translator, so I started the process with Wycliffe in Guatemala. However, things never got anywhere. Then, after surgery, I realized that the Lord had other plans for me. Even when you want to do things for the Kingdom that God has not approved, they are just “your good ideas” not the Lord’s plans. I needed to submit to Him.

This was my second attempt to reach the missionary calling and another failure. You see, I graduated from high school when I was 15 and studied medicine. I wanted to bring physical and spiritual healing in Christ to many. However, my three years in Medical School were very rough, and I never got anything from them, just the lesson it was not for me.

Feeling Lost

For a time, I felt lost and didn’t know exactly what I was supposed to do. I am goal-oriented, and since my goal was unreachable, I felt very disappointed and frustrated. The world, however, was always there and I started spending time with non-Christian people, which led to a separation from the Lord. I didn’t stop attending church or serving, but I was not in the presence of the Lord with the right heart and mind. I cannot say that my non-Christian friends were bad or forced me to do bad things. Yet, their conversation and interests were not aligned with the calling I had. Many times, I felt out of place while we “had fun” together.

After a very hard personal experience and spending time out of Guatemala, I realized that I wanted to serve my people. The Lord had trained me for that purpose. So, I returned to Guatemala to serve full-time in ministry with my parents and enjoyed every moment.

New Direction

Four months later, the Lord opened the door for me to serve as a local missionary in the mountains of eastern Guatemala. There I did the translation and served many children and women. That year, I met the man that is now my husband. Together we serve the Lord as missionaries in Guatemala and the United States. I serve women that are striving to break cycles of sin, abuse, and poverty through the ministry the Lord has granted us.

Using all the resources that God gave me through my theology studies, and experiences in the mission field, the Lord allowed me to write a book. It reflects my journey of growing in purpose as a woman for Him. It also is to help women refocus on the femininity that the Lord has given us.

Finding CLI for Theological and Biblical Education

Seeking excellence to serve the Lord, my husband enrolled in Christian Leaders Institute. He has learned so much there and strengthened his walk with the Lord. He can access the classes from anywhere the Lord has led us to serve and learn. Now, I am enrolled to learn new tools for my ministry. I know that having a Theology degree does not mean I know enough of my glorious God. So, I want to continue my theological and biblical education because I see how important is to learn. I also see how important a title and credentials are in the secular world. Therefore, I want to present myself equipped to honor my Lord before the people He calls me to serve.

My desire is to graduate from the CLI’s Leadership Excellence School. I pray that the Lord to provides for me to do it if this pleases Him. As a full-time missionary, I have no income or resources to pay for anything. The Lord faithfully provides for my needs through many generous servants for Him, so I know my help will come from Him.

God is a Good Father and God

In my life, I have learned that the Lord is a sovereign King. He is also a good Father and a wise Lord. If we truly trust God, we submit to Him. That submission to the Lord is the safest thing to do, but even more when we want to live to glorify His name. We can trust the Lord to always take us into spacious places where we can rejoice in His good and perfect will even in the middle of struggles and spiritual growing pains.

One of my favorite Bible verses is Ephesians 2:10 because have seen it a reality in my life. Even when I drifted from Him the fact that I am created in Christ never left my heart and mind and I knew who I belong to and what I live for. Working on all the good work that He has entrusted me with has brought out the best of me for His glory.

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