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Hi, I’m Ryan Caulson from the Unites States of America. I live in Florida. I’m 39 years old and married. My wife and I have no children. I’m trying to be the best disciple of Jesus I can be. Part of that is taking classes at the Christian Leaders Institute (Learn more about free Bible and ministry training online, Click Here).

My Journey

I grew up in Pennsylvania in a loving home with my mother and step-father. They brought me to church regularly. We attended a Catholic church. Baptized as a child, I received my first communion, heard readings from the Bible in church services, and completed the Catholic confirmation sacrament. However, I never had a personal relationship with God. I knew about God: Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, but never understood the importance of trusting in God for my salvation.

In my youth, I went through times of questioning my faith. The little I understood of sound Christian doctrine was so incomplete that I quickly rejected it all. I rebelled against the instructions of God for proper living, and I was my own god. As a young man with no conviction, I lived with no direction or purpose other than to do whatever felt good. I did not flourish. Failures stacked up and small problems grew into large ones.

Then, my nihilistic perspective manifested into depression and self-loathing. Only through God’s mercy did I not cause more harm to myself or others during this time. Then, one evening, I cried out to God that if He were there I needed Him. Slowly, God revealed Himself to me. I did not go back to church or read the Bible. I also still lived a destructive lifestyle as before, but God was working.


Then, I met a girl who I fell in love with. Her story was similar to mine in that she was raised going to a Christian church, with a loving family and even gave her life to Christ as a teen. But, as she herself confessed, she was living in the world and of the world more than following Christ. She had recently started attending church again, so I joined her.

We dated for a while. Then, before I left for a deployment to Iraq in 2009, she wrote a letter to me. She expressed her love for me and her desire that we might make a life together. However, more important than that to her was that I might know Jesus and trust in Him for my salvation. Her boldness, courage, and self-sacrificial love for me was an eye-opening moment. I began to see what a life of trusting in Jesus looked like.

I left for my deployment reading The Purpose Driven Life and talking to God. During that time, He bestowed His grace on me. I accepted Jesus as my Savior and was baptized. Through His mercy and patience, I have slowly accepted Him as my Lord as well.

Free Bible and Ministry Training at CLI

I got home from my deployment and married that girl! We serve, learn, and grow in our local church. As we sought God for what was next in our lives, it seemed right to get some education about the scriptures and ministry. Then, I will be better equipped to witness and disciple others.

I’m so grateful for the free Bible and ministry training at the Christian Leaders Institute. They are helping me grow in my understanding of the Scriptures. My story is a testimony to the importance of sound biblical doctrine and discipleship. Then, I can share salvation in Jesus with the lost and for the Glory of God. Thank you, Jesus!

Steps to Sign Up At Christian Leaders Institute

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Step 2 – Complete Part 1 of this course. Then you can enroll in mini-courses or regular courses. 

The Christian Leaders Getting Started Class Part 1 shows you how to enroll in courses and mini-courses. Part 2 of the course connects your calling into ministry with programs offered through Christian Leaders Institute. Part 2 will offer some ministry training and introduce you to the other programs offered through Christian Leaders Institute.

Learn more about ordination at the Christian Leaders Alliance. Interested in a low-cost college degree? Check out the CLI’s Leadership Excellence School.