My name is Tammy Fickler. I love in Omaha, Nebraska in the United States. I would love to be able to teach teens and children the word of our lord and savior in the church community. I became to know the lord when I was with a gentleman that committed a crime against the law. We decided that we was going to go to church and both confess our sins and confess out love for our lord and savior. We went to church with his family and I felt as if I belonged there and felt the spirit come over me when the pastor was teaching the word. I decided that it was time to be baptized so I took the steps with the church and then I was baptized after confessing my love for my lord and savior. Like I said before I would like to work with teens and children, I would classify the word Youth leader we identify me the most. I am always sharing the word with the children in my neighborhood or at my place of work. I have always wanted this chance to do this and I believe the time is now in my life. I currently do not have a church that I attend regularly I am between two churches. My scholarship at CLI is important so I can feel as this was a gift from GOD since he lead me here. You may pray for me for the journey of this schooling and for my passion to be able to come true.

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