Teacher Ministry Training

Teacher Ministry Training

My name is Charlie Foster and I am receiving teacher ministry training at Christian Leaders Institute. I live in the USA and for the most part, we are free to share our faith in Jesus, although it is getting harder with the way society is going here in America and abroad.

I was born in a Bible-believing family and never really knew any other way. I first accepted Jesus into my heart at about 7 years of age when we had a missionary come to our church. Later I rededicated my life when I was about 13 during youth group.

Growing up, I wanted to be a youth pastor and then a pastor (because I wanted to be Dr. Charles Foster). Later, I discovered I really do like to teach and I wanted to work in missions. Now, I believe I have been called to a mixture of all those things. What that looks like, I am not sure yet. This is one of the reasons I am pursuing education to help me with learning to teach and learn the Bible better.

Geographically, it is pretty easy to go to a school and learn the same stuff as here but that is exponentially harder when you are supporting a family and work over 40 hours a week. So this ministry training with Christian Leaders Institute will be more convenient because I can listen to lessons while I work and do homework at night or on my lunches.

I have talked to my local church leaders and, when I mention that I have a heart for teaching and that I’d like to teach, I’m told that maybe in the future there will be something. The scholarship would help me get my education and grow as a Christian leader in knowledge and my walk with God. I have the desire in my heart to teach and I hope my church comes alongside me. This would also be my prayer request.

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