My name is Taylor Walton and I was born in the United States in Wichita, Kansas in 1997, but now reside in Denver, Colorado and have since 1998. I was raised in a home where my family wasn’t very spiritual and weren’t on their spiritual walk with God. I found my faith when I was fourteen years old after facing two years of depression and anxiety. My dream for the ministry is to become a Youth Leader or a Pastor. I never saw myself as the person to join the ministry but after facing my struggles and fight with the Devil through my early teen years I want to do everything I can to show people the Word of God and His love. I may face some problems in my walk in ministry in Denver though seeing as there are so many teenagers that are so convinced there is no God and as anyone knows, teenagers can be stubborn. My local church is the church that showed me ministry was my calling and they have supported me unknowingly lately by showing me what I can do if I start a church of my own. My family has also been an amazing support system for me with ministry. Receiving a scholarship from CLI is very important to my ministry dream for a few reasons. One of those reasons is that I want to start as soon as possible and with a scholarship I can. Another reason is that it would push me from giving 120% to giving 170% on my classwork. Please pray for my walk through ministry as I am going to need to stay focused, stay away from temptation as much as possible and not let anyone talk me out of my dream, thank you. God bless you all.

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