Studying for ministry

I am William Boehm from South Dakota, USA. My testimony is somewhat like the story of Jonah. However, I’ve stayed in the whale’s belly for some time! These years happened so that my many life experiences would lead me to a place of specialized training. Therefore, studying for ministry at the Christian Leaders Institute is where the next phase of my journey begins. I currently work with a company that handles raw milk from local farms.

My Story

When I was five, my parents attended the old tent revival meetings. These meetings included Morris Cerullo, Katherine Kuhlman, and AA Alan ministries. People also told me that any time the recordings of AA Alan’s deliverance services played, I came quickly. You could find me sitting, resting my head against the speaker. I intently listened to sounds that were “otherworldly.” Even at that age, I began to understand the authority of the name “Jesus.”

After marrying, the pastor requested me to join a group on a mission trip to Romania in 1990. Apparently, some of the members from the Timis church wanted me to minister. No problem, except I wasn’t a minister. On the flight home, I found myself with my pastor and another missionary. They asked me, “You do know what your calling is, don’t you?” My reply was, “Uhm, why? Do you guys know something I don’t?”

Studying for Ministry at CLI

God blessed me with every form of work I did. However, something always felt like it was missing. After much reflection and dedication to prayer and fasting, it’s time to answer God’s call. I want to follow where the Spirit of God leads me. God called me to be a minister. Therefore, studying for ministry under leaders of ministers at the Christian Leaders Institute is tremendous. I thank God for Henry and all the professors and staff at CLI.

May you all be richly blessed in the fullness of the peace, love, and joy found only in the Holy Spirit. Be encouraged in the love of the Prince of Life, the King of Glory. May we all abide as one together with Christ Jesus and in the Father. Amen.

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