Student Ministry

Student Ministry

Read the testimony of Ashton Koch, whose heart is for a student ministry to give students going to college a firm foundation in Christ:

My name is Ashton Koch and I have a heart for student ministry. I live in British Columbia, Canada. It is no extreme hardship to minister here, as opposed to other countries, but I have encountered quite a few people who are offended even by the sight of a cross, Bible, or Scripture in the same building.

I came to know the Lord during my high school years when I had been going through an emotional time dealing with family issues. During 11th grade I was living with my mother in another town, close to graduation and far away from family and friends. On my birthday of that year, my father had sent me a Bible and I began to read it. I started praying and one evening during my prayer I felt that everything was going to be okay and I no longer felt alone. I was able to move back to my hometown halfway through the new year and started attending church with my father and family, as well as doing Bible studies and taking baptism classes after giving my life to God.

Throughout the years after high school, I continued on my path with God and went through great losses, but God has always been with me through the thick and thin of it all. Today I continue to educate myself more and grow closer to the Lord every day.

My dream is to finish my schooling at Christian Leaders Institute and be able to use the knowledge I’ve gained to go out and help bring more people back to God. This class has been a wonderful start in helping me understand more about walking with God and getting out of my comfort zone to get to know people in order to help them find their way.

After learning about how many children turn to atheism after entering college, I can see myself using the tools and knowledge from this school to help them so when they move forward from high school they would be more equipped to be able to defend their faith and keep close to God.

Connecting to the Bible has opened my eyes when it comes to our everyday lives, our morals, and our values. Doing daily Bible studies helps me to understand more of God’s commandments, how I am living my life, and how my actions affect myself and others. Every day I am able to learn something new to apply to my life. I have a lot of family members who do not share my faith in our Lord and I want to be able to have a conversation with them and give them answers that they may never have heard before and maybe help bring them to the Lord.

CLI is a chance for me to be able to further educate myself in Christian studies, helping me gain more knowledge from home while working with my busy schedule. Please pray that we are able to bring many people to the Lord and help bring out more Christians to stand up and start preaching the word of God to the world.


Learn about minister ordination at Christian Leaders Alliance.

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