I started going to church with my mother when I was young, but didn’t really KNOW God. My mother was a very good Christian woman, but my father was an alcoholic.

For a while I started to work my way to God and began to really love God. In 1999 I was baptized and for a few years I lived for God. When I entered 8th grade I started to fall away. I started using marijuana and running with the bad crowd.

When I turned 16, I now had a driver’s license and a truck. I continued using marijuana and started experimenting with even harder drugs. I also began drinking excessively and having premarital sex with multiple partners.

Many times I had tried to get away from the world and move closer to God, but it didn’t last. One night I was so messed up on drugs that I contemplated killing myself because I thought I would never “come down”. I began to pray to God to sober me up. Instantly I was sober. I began to cry and thank God. Slowly I made my way back to God.

I have been clean from drugs for years and haven’t consumed alcohol to the extent of drunkenness. I have been studying the bible and doing a bible study with my brother daily via text. I have dedicated my life to serving people daily in my career, but now its time for me to serve God.

I now know what its like to be “on fire” for God. I want nothing more than to please God in all I do. I have recently started here at CLI and cannot wait to see what God has in store for me.

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