Greetings in Jesus name. My name is Owro Charles, I am from Nigeria. Currently, I live and work in Italy but my parents are living in Nigeria. Here in Italy, Christianity is different because of the Roman Catholic teachings, which are predominant.

Because my parents are Christians I had the opportunity to grow up as a Christian and to understand what Christianity is really about. I accepted Jesus as my Lord and personal Savior and was baptized as a child. I have continued to walk with God to this day.

My ministry dream is to become a successful preacher. I know the Bible says that he who wins souls is wise. My dream is to make sure I preach the gospel to the world.

Most of the time people call me pastor, but I call myself an evangelist. I want to really move with the word of God to all parts of the world as a church planter, not as a residents pastor.

My church has played a very important role in my studies, they have encouraged me and prayed for me. My family has also really encouraged me in this because they know I have a ministry dream and this is one opportunity for me to bring it to pass.

A scholarship is very important to me because it has been a very big challenge for me to study more about the Bible. Money has always been an issue whenever I have tried to attend a ministry school, but with this opportunity, I will be able to complete my course, in Jesus name.

I need prayer to be able to complete my studies and to fulfill my ministry dreams.

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