My name is Christine Harris. I currently live in Midwest City , OK. A suburb of Oklahoma city. I am a mother and a wife first and foremost and a teacher second. I am blessed to live in a country where we are free to practice religion without persecution but sometimes that makes us too laid back as Christians in our own ministry to others. I have always felt a yearning to learn more about the Bible and its teachings and it was in this passion for knowledge that I felt the Lord calling me into ministry. It was like a voice told me ” I gave you this passion to learn, now use it to teach others about me, ” I believe when the Lord calls you pick up and go. “Here I am Lord, send me.” And so it was with this goal in mind that I began my search for knowledge. I prayed everyday for God to show me a way to be able to serve Him in ministry. As a mother of 3 I knew funds would be tight and I would have to have a scholarship to go to ministry school and I knew God would lead me there.

That is when He led me to Christian Leaders Institute. Christian Leaders Institute was a gift from God. Through the in depth ministry training I was ale to study at my own pace, at home with my children, for FREE! God was telling me I had no excuse. I dove in head first to absorb all the knowledge I could and now I find myself have achieved my first goal of Ordination. By being ordained I feel I will be able to better serve my church and community and lead people to the word. I feel that this ordination will be the key that opens the door to being a minister of the word near home and hopefully abroad. My passion is children. I feel like my focus will be working with children and teaching them the word of the Lord and leading them down the path of righteousness. I have always worked with children in my career and by now being ordained I will be able to lead with a knowledge and support that my education will provide. I ask for prayer as I continue my journey of education all the way through the classes offered with Christian leadership institute and that I will be a tool in whatever way the Lord see fit to use me. Thank you again for this wonderful gift off knowledge. None of this would be possible without Christian Leaders Institute.

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