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Sipho Jele was called by God to spread revival in South Africa. Some would say Christianity already prevails in South Africa, but Sipho Jele sees that Africa, much like the United States, is experiencing a time when God’s presence is needed more than ever before.

As one of the leaders called to spread revival in the world, Sipho knows that he needs to start by getting the people he is called to serve a good, solid biblical message. It is this necessity that brought him to Christian Leaders Institute, where he can get quality teaching that will prepare him to effectively spread revival where God has called him.

I was born in Bulawayo Zimbabwe and moved to reside in Pretoria South Africa 10 years ago. I think that Africa needs God even more now than ever before, judging by what we are experiencing

After growing up in a mix of religion and traditional practices, I found myself confused as to what really to believe. Hence at one time in my life I did not believe in anything and thought people were making up for their inadequacies or shortcomings by looking to a different power. Then God began to speak to me, and I began by fasting and praying. I began to understand why I had to go through a period of unbelief, and I knew it could only be by the grace of God that Salvation found me.

My ministry dream is Knowing God and the grounding of God’s people in His word and principles. I also want to teach people to guard against the chasing of what God can do for them.

The word that I mostly Identify with is Pastor because I believe that is what it takes to ground people in God’s word and principles.

I strongly believe that ministry is a calling to me and has been before I was formed in my mother’s womb. After a period of non-belief when God started dealing with me and showing me how he had preserved my life for this purpose. Knowing about my calling became very strong at that point. Even people would meet me for the first time would address me as a Pastor, and the Prophetic encounters I was having were confirmation to me.

Challenges in my area relating to ministry are that there is a general lack of grounding of God’s people in His Word there is a serious shift and the focus is no longer God.

My Local Church has been very supportive in making me understand the magnitude of my calling and how I need to be grounded in the Word of God in order for me to be able to walk in faith towards the purpose of God for my life.

When I communicated my calling to my family it was like they had always expected. I never faced any form of resistance from them, and my wife has always been very supportive.

Finally I can get wholesome and comprehensive teachings and knowledge that will help to grow and develop me in my ministry dream. Even better, it will help me to be able to articulate and disseminate the Word of God in a way that will lead to the fulfillment of my ministry dream.

I request prayers that I may know God, understand His ways and in my ministry, that I should stand to disseminate the Word of God in a way that will bring positive transformation to the people of God, that will bring more understanding so that people of God will not perish because of lack of knowledge.

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