Spiritual Walk

Spiritual Walk With God

“To God be the glory great things He hath done. Glory to His name.” My name is Kay Williams and this is my spiritual walk with God.

I live in Mandeville, Jamaica. I am the second of five siblings. My grandmother, mother, aunt, and cousin are the prayer warriors of the family. At an early age, I feared God and wanted to serve Him. I made many promises to God, but they were not fulfilled because of the pleasures of this world. I would visit crusades, baptismal services, and witnessed the movement of God in the congregation, but I still did not accept Him as my personal Saviour.

When I attended high school, I was a member of the Inter-School Christian Fellowship (ISCF). I was a member of the school choir and children’s choir at church. I didn’t commit my life fully to God, but I was God-fearing because I was raised in a Christian home. In 1994, I  was accepted to a Business College. Little did I know that God had a plan for my life because I kept making promises to Him. In the second semester of College, I took sick and was unable to continue my studies. Jesus got a hold of me and I could not get out of His hand. Jesus was there just in time to rescue me. I was baptized and I committed my whole life to Him and started my spiritual walk with God. In 2000, I continued my studies where I got my Diploma in Secretarial Studies.

I became the member of a small church in my community and was the Secretary and Sunday School teacher. In my early years, I had a passion for teaching. In 2012, I got my Diploma in Primary Education. Through many challenges and spiritual warfare, I have decided to teach the Word of God instead. The Lord has delivered me from so many dangers. I was robbed so many times and thank God I am still alive. The harvest is ripe but the laborers are few. I want to be a laborer for God to teach his Word.

I want to give up everything for God and to teach people to read and understand the Bible. But first, I think getting a Bible education is necessary and very important. I went online in search of a free Bible school. While searching, God led me to this site and I am very thankful to Him. I read about CLI and was relieved to learn about your tuition-free courses. Getting a scholarship with Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) will help tremendously in my spiritual walk with Christ. I will be more confident and equipped to impart the Word of God with a Diploma or Degree to show that I am a trained Christian Leader in ministry.

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