Spiritual Maturity Journey

Police Officer Danny Keller has a spiritual dream to become fluent in the Scriptures and to use that knowledge to teach and lead others to Christ on his spiritual maturity journey.

Spiritual Maturity Journey

My name is Danny Keller and I am on a spiritual maturity journey with my Lord. I live in Sheridan, Wyoming. While I was born in New Jersey, we moved out west when I was a small child. My father got saved, went to Bible College, and then joined an organization called Village Missions. VM sends pastors to small rural communities where the local church is struggling to keep its doors open. VM supplements the Missionary Pastor’s salary with whatever the local church cannot pay. So that is how we ended up in Wyoming.

I grew up with really good parents who kept the reality of the Gospel central to our daily life. I never had that one conversion moment as I can’t remember the first time I heard the Gospel. For a short period in my life, I would fret that I didn’t have that one, dynamic, story to tell, but God gave me peace that proof of being born again is the life we live. Much like I live my physical life even though I don’t recall being physically born. Likewise, based on God’s work in my life I am more than confident, by His Grace, that I’m born again.

My spiritual dream for my spiritual maturity journey would be to become fluent in the Scriptures like Tim Keller, John Piper, or R.C. Sproul, and to use that knowledge to teach and lead. Listening to those men always inspires me.

As I am on my spiritual maturity journey, two of the biggest obstacles have been not following through on things and an apathetic spirit. I tend to be very creative and energetic; however, after the genesis stage of a project, I tend to lose interest. Additionally, I know I need to be careful not to deal with people based on calculated facts, but rather as complicated, broken, and emotional creations of God.

God has always felt “real” to me. I’ve never felt or thought Jesus was not factual or real in my life. I’ve struggled to find my place in His Kingdom at times on my spiritual maturity journey. I was a full-time Youth Pastor for about five years at an earlier stage in life but had to move away from that to better provide for my family. I was in a desert phase for several years, waiting for a fresh excitement to plug back into. I’ve been active in a new church plant in our community and it has really lit a fire in me.

I’ve been a student of the Bible for most of my life but never accomplished any formal education with it. I hope to use the training at Christian Leaders Institute to better equip me to serve my church in its formation, and to enter a pastoral role after I retire from my current job as a police officer. I’ve got kids about to go to college and could never afford to pursue a formal education without a program like CLI. I am really thrilled to find it and look forward to how God will use it in the upcoming chapters of my life.

To learn how to become ordained check out Christian Leaders Alliance.

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