Spiritual Journey

Spiritual Journey

I am Tammy Sasala and I am on a spiritual journey. I am a resident of Pennsylvania (USA) and have been since my birth in 1971. In view of global events and looking back on years past, I am forever grateful and feel so blessed to be able to shout at the top of my lungs, “I love Jesus Christ. He is my Lord and Savior!” To have this freedom is His true blessing. Many would love for Christians to just go away, to disappear. Though we live in different spiritual times (in comparison to decades past), I just do not see Christians going away. Not this one anyway!

Both of my parents had a Christian upbringing. Even after my parents divorced in 1973, my mother made it a point to read God’s word to my brother and me. She made it a point to attend church every Sunday. I thank God for blessing me with my mother, a woman that listened to God. God was there for all of us at this tough time. Especially for my mother, that was now a single mom. In 1974, my mother met a man. A man that sexually abused me until 1986. Through Jesus Christ, I prayed for my abuser and never blamed myself. God carried me all the way. He NEVER left me and I will NEVER leave Him.

For many years God has been calling to me and for many years I haven’t been listening. I didn’t realize it at the time but I do realize it now. As mentioned earlier, I have never blamed myself. I am one of a few survivors that can actually say this. I want this for others. Abuse of any kind truly puts a person off tilt (to put it lightly). One with an abusive background carries through life so much pain, suffering, and blame. Don’t get me wrong, I have suffered but not nearly as much as others. I would love to see a world void of abuse of any kind. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Satan is running around rampant doing his best to convert as many as possible over to his dark side. I want to be a part of stopping him dead in his tracks. To do this, I need as much Scriptural knowledge as possible. To do this, I need Jesus Christ.

The “Getting Started” course did enlighten me quite a bit. As we all do, I had my doubts in myself and expressed this to my husband. Then my husband reminded me of “Doubt Your Doubts” by Joseph Solomon. I had heard this many times before. This time was different. This time, God spoke to me. This time, I listened.

Over the years on my spiritual journey, I have connected and reconnected in His Word. His word is so much deeper and meaningful to me now at this stage of my life. I know how He completes me and how wonderful it feels. I want this for everyone! It is now my turn to reciprocate in kind and spread His Good News.

Regardless of if I had the support of my family or not, I will continue on my spiritual journey. Thankfully, through God’s loving grace, He has blessed me with a wonderful loving husband. A husband that took on extra hours of work and provided me the ability to go part-time with work. Through God’s grace, I am able to put full focus and much time towards my studies and my spiritual journey.

It was my husband that brought Christian Leaders Institute to my attention. For years he has been a witness to my spiritual call. In fact, I think he recognized God’s call before I did. I read a little bit about CLI and enrolled that very day. The scholarship is a bonus for me. My ultimate goal is to gain all the knowledge, strength and wisdom God has to offer. I need to do the same for others. I want to be a beacon for the lost. With CLI’s help, I will be able to attain this goal and know where God wants me.

Please pray for me to stay on track and to not be distracted. Pray that I continue to have the eyes to see and the ears to hear and to be where God wants me. May the loving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ guide and bless all of you.

Learn about local “ecuministry” ordination at Christian Leaders Alliance.

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