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South Africa Bible School  – Danielle Landman

South Africa Bible School – South Africa, where it is said we live amongst the lions and the wild wanders our streets, maybe a long time ago, but not so much anymore. The only jungles I am familiar with are the urban jungles. I am living in the City of Port Elizabeth, it is a small City, but I can see Revival coming from this city, our churches are world class and it is amazing to have such a big community to share God’s perfect Grace with people walking on the same journey.

A few years ago (5years) I matriculated from high school, and what to do next was kind of a big issue for me, I needed to please my parent while studying something I loved, the problem was, I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I enrolled in a course I had no interest in and just rolled with it, I liked the socialization part more than the studying part. As the year went on, I partied more than studying and eventually dropped out as I had no interest. As the year went on, I had no clue where my future was heading. My parents started going to church and I thought it was just one of their phases. They kept going to church and their lives changed completely for the better. I went with them a few times and one day I was at a cross road where I had to make the decision. On 24 January 2014, I gave my life to the Lord and haven’t looked back at the world since.

I am studying education and is currently part of the women’s ministry team at our church, I would love to serve people on a more deeply way and grow through serving others.

South Africa Bible School – Evangelist The Goal

Evangelist describes me best as I want to spread the gospel and serve others as I spread the word of God. I felt that something inside me wants to know God more and minister more to those who don’t know God or want to know God or just have conversations with people who are hungry for a Godly conversation.

My local church is so amazing and being part of something so much bigger than me is beyond me, the love for God is over flowing, the love for one another is just something everyone wants to be a part of, not in a click way but as a support, love, encouragement and as family we uplift each other.

My dad is busy doing his degree in ministry with CLI and I would like to follow his footsteps too. It is important because in every aspect of your life without noticing it, you are ministering, at work, school, in public, our presence and God’s grace over us people see God reflecting in and through us and people long for that. When we walk with God, people feel it and draw closer to you and that is when they want more of His presence through us

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