Learning Preaching -Christian Leaders Institute is seeking to be God’s agent in bringing revival to the world. An important part of revival is presenting the word of God to churches and congregations all over the world. In the Bible school class Sermon Construction and Presentation, students will learn various approaches to preaching the word of God. Among the concepts they will be taught are key ideas to keep in mind when preparing a sermon.

Learning Preaching

By: Lisby

Here’s what Rick Lefebre, a student from Michigan, had to say about learning preaching at CLI.

Not that long ago the very thought of writing a sermon was completely overwhelming to me.  I remember sitting in Pastor Mark’s office asking him a plethora of questions regarding sermons and preparations of outlines.  Pastor Mark simply advised me to slow down, take a preaching class and start from the beginning like everybody else behind the pulpit had to do.  I have to admit I was getting way ahead of myself; I needed to start with the basics.

At the beginning of the class we learned of the many different styles of preaching that could be used:  personal testimony, biographical-historical incident, topical, textual and spring board.

What a blessing this class has been in receiving step by step information from intro to the prayer of application.  The best part about preparing expository sermons is the fact that God has already given us the outline.  It starts with 2 Timothy 3:16.  The best advice I can think of that I have learned was first to pray for the Holy Spirit’s guidance and then start writing a skeleton outline, a few random thoughts is better than an empty page.

I believe Christian Leaders Institute is doing an awesome job in training me to teach God’s Word.  I’ve learned the art of pastoral care and now I’ve learned the trade of preparing and delivering sermons in this preaching class. 

Learning Preaching at Christian Leaders Institute

When they join Christian Leaders Institute, all students must take an introductory course called Getting Started: Christian Basics Certificate that introduces them to the Bible school model. In this orientation class, students are also asked to introduce themselves to the faculty. There are literally thousands of students that start the Getting Started class every semester, but only about 10% of them make it through. Rick LeFebre is one of those students. Completing the Getting Started class allowed Rick to continue his studies and enroll in further courses at CLI. As we look at Rick’s review of one of the many courses offered at this Bible school, we hope that it will encourage other students to complete the Getting Started class so that they can also experience some of the quality Christian education that CLI has to offer.

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