Revived to Bring Revival

Revived to Bring Revival – My name is James Paul Snow, and I live in a very rural Wisconsin town in the United States. I have known the Lord all my life but struggled through a period of rebellion that lasted into my early 20’s. At age 12 I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior and at 17, I recommitted myself to Him. My recommitment coincided with meeting the woman the Lord had set apart for me. At the age of 21, we married and began our struggle as husband and wife.

Revived to Bring Revival

My wife and I allowed sin and debauchery to infiltrate our marriage, and it nearly consumed us. With a renewed commitment to the Lord we began the process of building our home with God as the foundation and by His mercy and grace, we were restored. Susanne and I started attending a wonderful spirit filled Evangelical Church, and our lives began bearing fruit. Before long I found myself leading a high school youth group and I continued to do so for four years. By

By 2010, I was feeling the prompting of the Lord on my heart, and I knew I would need to respond. The area in which I live is in the top 3 poorest counties in the state and the need for true gospel preaching, and a revival of the church is the only solution to the pain and suffering of our community. Through years of prayer and intentional submission to Gods will I am convinced that I am called to shepherd the flock in a pastoral capacity. My dream for my ministry would be to purvey the truth of the gospel fearlessly so that the power of the Holy Spirit would be seared into the hearts of the men of this area leading to the restoration of the family structure and building up of our youth. I have received the support, prayers, and blessings of my church and church family along the way, and I fully expect a continued commitment in the years to come.

As for my biological family, I would not be able to even consider such an undertaking without the love, support, and respect for my wife and she continues to display all of these attributes and so many more. Susanne and I have five children of our own whose ages are 9,7,5,3 and 1 making traditional schooling difficult as I am unwilling to forgo my responsibilities as a father and husband. There is no such thing as chance so when I found C.L.I. while doing a web search I knew God had sent me a blessing. I pray I am able to translate this education into life-giving words of salvation to a community in need.Please include my family in your prayers. I have the tendency to be a workaholic and I need to keep a balance between serving others and guarding the hearts of my family as well as just taking time to be present. Thank you for your much-needed ministry and praise be to God in the precious name of Jesus.

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