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2/24 – 2/29/2018

A special thank you to all of our amazing students who have donated so far to the repairs at the CLI headquarters! So many of you have responded but we still need your help! 

These flooded rooms are very important for all of us in developing new classes and videos, keeping our web-site updated, and continuing various CLI program development. And in the case of the Youth Center, that room allows CLI Staff with young children to work more efficiently in taking care of administrative tasks and assisting you and other CLI students and graduates.

The cost of the water clean up crew is $4,000 and the cost of repairing all damage and destroyed material will be around $3,000 for a total expense of $7,000. Unfortunately, the insurance doesn’t cover this kind of flooding because it came in from underneath the foundation. Furthermore, Christian Leaders Institute did not budget extra funds to cover such unexpected and extensive damage.

It came as a hard blow after just finishing up completely remodeling the affected areas in the past couple of months. A lot of time, resources, and energy went into it all, which were then flooded away in one day! 

We thank and praise God for the protection he had over all our technology! If it had been flooding from the roof instead of through the floor, the expensive technology upgrade you and other graduates helped us get would have been most likely destroyed. We hope you will join us in praising Him for preserving our technology upgrade. 

Please pray about the possibility of providing assistance by clicking the green button below as we face this new challenge! 

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