Though I can pinpoint my true moment of conversion to high school, I can look back over my life and see God’s hand constantly in my life, leading, guiding, helping, correcting and healing me. He has always been present, walking with me to help me be all that He had designed for me to be. It’s been a long road, but it’s been one that has many revelations, joys, sorrows, triumphs, failures, growths and power. It is my greatest desire to be all that God has called me to be, to do what He desires (even those things that frighten me), and to live a life that is passionate and empowered.

I currently reside in the USA. I was born and raised here. The freedoms we have here are stunning and it saddens me to see them abused for immoral reasons. I am grateful that God allowed for me to be born in this time and this place for His specific purposes. I do not currently serve in ministry, as God has been doing some pruning and shaping in my life, but I do have personal ministries that I host on Facebook, including my online purity page and my Bible study page.

Though I was raised Baptist, I consider my truest moment of surrender to be in High School at a Pentecostal door scene, where Jesus met with me and called me to a firm dedication in my walk with Him. Before, my heart and soul longed and cried out for a true relationship with Christ, though at the time I couldn’t put the longing to words, but after years of learning at His feet, I now know what my heart wanted…but the presence of teachers and mentors in this realm were few and far between.

My ministry dream is to fulfill the call of God on my life in the realm of Radical Purity, teaching woman and young ladies the truth about holiness and purity as a follower of Christ. I identify most with the word “Pastor” or “Apostle” and “Teacher”. I am not sure if my calling lies in youth ministry or women’s ministry. I am waiting on God for that direction. As I see that purity isn’t just a young issue, I believe it is a combination of youth and women’s ministry.

I found that no one would be an encouragement, mentor, teacher or accountability partner when I struggled with my own battles in purity. One day, as I mourned the rejection of a local church that was hosting a purity event, God said, “Why don’t you study it for yourself?” That was the first time He called me and since then (that was about 7 or so years ago), He has moved and refined and guided and led me to a deeper call to purity than I could have ever dreamed of reaching for on my own. This call to purity is so radical that even Christians are resistant to it.

It is difficult where I live to find mentors. In our community, the thought of mentoring is nearly dead. Friendship is also hard to find, especially the caliber of friendship one seeks where it is a passionate relationship with Christ that the relationships form around. Otherwise, though, I have a pretty open place to share the gospel and reach others, as most are receptive to talking about Christ here, whether they agree or not.

It is difficult for me to find church support in my ministry call. But, that is all right, as I know that Christ has His timing and plan for it. All I need to do is obey and prepare. My mom is very supportive of the calling, but since it isn’t a call she feels attached to, she isn’t a co-laborer in this. Most of the support I’ve found has been through other purity connections online. This is great because of the resources and the discussions we’ve had that have helped keep us on track and encouraged.

I cannot afford college without debt. A few years ago, I was accepted into an online seminary. All I had to do was sign the loan papers. As I was about to do so, God told me, “You haven’t asked Me what I want,” I then asked Him what He wanted and He told me that He would never have me get into debt to do His will and go to college. The admissions person told me that that was unrealistic. For years, it seems like it was, but when I found CLI online, I felt like God was showing me the truth that I’d believed all along: He has His timing and His plan. I just needed to wait and trust Him. To be able to do this for free is such a blessing and I do intend to pay for the degree at one point without the need for a loan or debt, which is perfect for me.

Please pray that I hear God clearly and I do what He would like for me to do, that I don’t put my dreams above His call, and that I make sure that I don’t give up or settle for less than His best, just because it’s easier or gets me somewhere faster.

I like to be creative and so I draw and take photos and write. God has given me talent in writing and so that is where I excel the most, though I like to dabble in art, despite my minimal ability there. I love animals and birds distract me with their amazing beauty. 🙂 I am pro-life 100%.

I blog and I like social media. I use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. My favorite translations are Amplified and The Message.

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