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Sometimes Proclaiming Peace is Not Easy

I grew up in church and from the age of seven; I fell in love with Jesus. I wanted to be his helper when people persecuted him. I wanted to fight for him. I was too young to understand how important Jesus was to become in my life and how GOD would become active in my adult life.

My mother and step-dad bought every book they could find on “The Life of Jesus Christ” and “ALL” characters of “The Bible.” I read everything I could get my hands on. Then Mom died, my family proclaiming peacebroke up and my life went straight downhill. I began to hate myself; because somewhere inside; I “KNEW” GOD was not happy about my lifestyle. And through all my pain, injustices and abuse; I “STILL” talked to GOD. He was with me the whole time.

In the County Jail; Jesus came into my cell. I “KNEW” it was him. The cell got warm and comfortable and I could “ACTUALLY” hear him speaking to me. After that encounter; I sat up on the floor from my prostrate position and began to question my sanity. A guard came to open my door for dinner and she said, “My goodness, there is so much peace in this room. Have you been praying?” I burst into tears and told her the whole thing.

After that “EVERYONE” just wanted to sit outside my door and feel the “PEACE” Christ had left there as I was proclaiming peace to everyone.  A few days later; GOD sent me to a convent for treatment and in that “Blessed House”, my Salvation and Deliverance began. GOD picked me up and changed my life. I was being prepared to for my life mission of proclaiming peace in the name of Jesus.

I am an evangelist and ‘Christian Leaders Institute”, is where I was directed. I was so nervous about taking these quizzes because I thought I would disappoint GOD but He held my hand through the first installment of “My CERTIFIED” walk for him. I am still a little nervous but; you know what?…GOD has reassured me that I have “NOTHING” to fear.

You see…I have got to let people know,”What an awesome GOD he is and why it’s so important that everyone form a “REAL” relationship with GOD! I told my family that I was going to become a Doctor of Theology (years ago) and look where GOD has placed me. I look forward to learning more and more and more about “The GOD” I serve. GOD Bless Christian Leaders Institute and everyone who reads this story.

Editors Note: Proclaiming Peace is a might calling. If you are interested in a ministry that specializing in proclaiming peace in the mists of various relationship check out Peacefire. 

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