Prison Ministry Calling

Prison Ministry Calling

My name is Erik Van Cise and I have a prison ministry calling. I live in central Florida. I moved here at a young age from Ohio. Central Florida is a great area to grow in the spirit and help others. I have recently been born again as a Christian.

Soon after my family moved to Florida when I was at a young age, my parents got divorced. Not long after their divorce, my father fell deep into drug addictions. His addictions led him to prison. While in prison, he was saved. When he came home, he joined a prison and jail ministry and started doing a drug counseling class at a local church. He tried to get me to go with him but I was reluctant to join him.

I began to struggle with drug addictions myself. I was constantly in trouble with the law. As a juvenile, I was sentenced to 11 months in a juvenile program. As an adult, I did several jail bids and ultimately ended up in a faith-based rehab center where I found the Lord.

I see myself as an evangelist and a church planter. My spiritual dream is to start my own jail and prison ministry. I also would like to start an addictions ministry. I plan on opening up my own faith-based rehabilitation programs and halfway houses. Christian Leaders Institute is helping to make my dreams come true. This ministry training program is truly a blessing from God. A scholarship is important to me so I can get the training I feel is necessary to pursue my goals. I look forward to every day and where the Lord is taking me on my spiritual journey in this prison ministry calling.

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