Preschool Ministry – Some leaders at Christian Leaders Institute are training for preschool ministry at the local church. Many do not believe that ministry training for those in preschool ministry is necessary, but we believe it is never too early to bring faith formative training for children.

Christian Leaders Institute provides ministry training that helps Christian Leaders become more

effective at preschool ministry. One course that is very helpful is Church and Ministry.  In this class many dimensions for church ministry are covered. Leaders in preschool ministry also find the theology classes helpful for bringing scriptural truth to students.

One of the students at Christian Leaders Institute is Cassandra Poole. Listen to how God is working in Cassandra’s life and how she is being directed to preschool ministry and why Christian Leaders Institute is helping her.

Preschool Ministry Student Cassandra Poole

My name is Cassandra Poole and I live in America. I love that I am able to live freely in my faith and my walk. I grew up knowing about the Lord but truly surrendered my life to him at age 23. I suffered from some health issues and was brought to my knees. Thankfully my parents had set a foundation in Christ in me, so I knew exactly where to turn. I identify most with being a small group leader because I am the director at my church’s preschool.

My job is to encourage and grow the teachers in the Lord so that they may do so for their students. I never thought I would end up in leadership, so when it happened I was both excited and surprised. In my geographic area, we are able to speak freely about our faith but although we are free to speak about our faith, it is not always well perceived. My church is so supportive. I meet twice a week with our lead pastor and monthly with the leadership team.

Cassandra could not have received this ministry training since her resources are limited, but through Christian Leaders Institute she has graduated from the Christian Basics Class and has received her full scholarship for further studies.

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