Prepare for ministry calling

My name is Dominique Mutombo. I am a Democratic Republic of Congo citizen and currently live in Kinshasa, the capital city. I am studying at the Christian Leaders Institute to prepare for my ministry calling (Learn more about online Bible courses, Click Here).

Life in My Country

DR Congo is a country in the center of Africa. The climate is hot, and we have two seasons, the rainy one and the dry one. Life is difficult as the economy is not doing well. Entrepreneurship opportunities are there, though they require a lot for a start-up. Unemployment is always on the rise, especially among the youth. Therefore, petty crime is very high: house robberies, shoplifting, street gangs for organized robberies, youth alcohol and substance abuse. Many young people are used to police custody, and relationships between the youth and the communities are often full of distrust.

On the other hand, Christian ministry is flourishing in communities. Although there are some flaws linked to local popular culture, Christian ministers play a big role in social cohesion among communities in most instances. In an economic environment such as this one, young people cannot fulfill their dreams due to unemployment. People end up living lives they did not intend to. Many young men lack direction in their lives.

Struggle with Sin

When still in my twenties, I went out of the way and got into beer drinking and casual sex. I was sober from Monday to Friday afternoon because I had to be at work during that time. Then, from Friday night up to Sunday night, I went out with friends to have a drink and enjoy life as many people were (and unfortunately are still) doing.

God Enters In

Thankfully, when I turned twenty-nine, the Lord Jesus entered my life. I had a girlfriend for some months, and our casual sex activities pushed us to decide to marry. Soon after we made this decision, I became so broke that I asked God to intervene. He intervened. However, not as I was hoping. He entered the scene first to stop the marriage plan from going anywhere. He made me realize that marrying that girlfriend would have been the biggest mistake of my life.

Secondly, God intervened through an encounter with Jesus. I got saved. I had prayed to get out of my financial trouble, but the Lord came in to take me out of bigger trouble: the slavery of sin. Finally, God intervened and made known my ministry calling. I never thought that I meant something to God. But, He made it clear that He valued me and invited me to play a role in His kingdom. What an honor!

Since then, I have never been the same! My drinking habit stopped immediately. The desire to have casual sex vanished. All this is clearly the work of the Holy Spirit. My relationship with God was restored, and my journey into the Christian life began. It continues with me getting trained at Christian Leaders Institute to prepare for my ministry calling. I want to be well equipped before engaging in ministry. The best training I received is from God Himself as, every day of my life, He teaches me unforgettable lessons through difficult tides in my life.

My Restored Life

Previously, my life was controlled by Satan. It seemed and felt nice, but it was a corrupt one. If I had known Jesus earlier in my life, I could have avoided some mistakes in my youth. But all that happened as part of my life. So the only thing I can do is always be grateful that God showed up in my life to change its direction at the right time.

My new life is inspired, sustained, and controlled by Jesus, who helps me to be able and determined to resist the devil. More than fifteen years after my new birth, I have never gone back to any of my previous sinful ways. I always say thanks to the Holy Spirit who sustains me.

Going to church, personal study of the Word of God, and the courses at CLI have equipped and built me up tremendously. Life has not always been easy for me, though. I still have my share of difficulties. But I still hold my faith in Jesus. He is my sure foundation.

Study at CLI to Prepare for My Ministry Calling

In conclusion, I am determined to help people in my community. Not by sorting out their problems – because I cannot do that – but by bringing many of them to Jesus Christ, the problem solver. Jesus is the answer to people’s problems in communities such as those in a developing country like mine. Many people who commit crimes because of life difficulties need to hear this Good News, in prison or out of prison.

The classes at CLI taught me a lot that I apply in my endeavors to help others taste God’s love for humankind. But, of course, it will not be easy for people to accept the reality of God’s love when they face life challenges. Still, I am determined to always do my best, with the help of the Holy Spirit, to bring the truth to those who need it, for them to get free and taste God’s love and have their lives restored.