Ministry Calling Story Journey

My name is Alaine Hoffman, my ministry calling story/journey has led me to the Christian Leaders Institute for Biblical ministry training (Learn more about online Bible courses, Click Here). I live in Florida. I am a grandmother of almost twenty children and a mother of six.

My Ministry Calling Story/Journey: God’s Plan

My husband and I spent a lot of time moving around the country for his line of employment when our children were young. With only one car and six children of our own plus foster children, it was difficult to get to church. An older couple would come to our home once a week. While the husband held “adult church” with my husband and me, his wife taught our children Sunday school lessons, Bible songs, etc. This service spoke volumes to me. Someone else cared enough to come to our home when we didn’t have a way of getting to church and Sunday school. God truly impressed this time on my heart. I have often thought of how many people, for whatever reason, cannot get to church. Yet, God heard their prayers and sent an answer.

I truly felt God laying a hand on my life at that time. Yes, I was brought up to go to church and Sunday school weekly, but this time period truly opened my eyes. I always felt that I was part of God’s plan. Even though I’m retired now, I feel more than ever led to move forward with a women’s ministry.

My Purpose: God’s Plan

As my children became grown, I struggled with a job versus going to college to see where I might fit in. I opted to stay at my District Manager position as college was not affordable for me. Yet, I still felt that I had a purpose, not just a job.

Then, cancer set in. I still felt I had a purpose throughout my illness, tears, fear, throwing up, extreme fatigue, and muscle weakness. Others look at cancer as a death sentence. However, I felt it was a gift to show me exactly who I am and what I have the ability to do. After a five-year plan of chemo, radiation, clinical trial drugs, extreme weight loss, and more chronic fatigue, I had a healthy scan. All The doctors told me had told me that my cancer was “treatable but not curable.” God had other plans.

My Ministry Calling Story/Journey Led to CLI

But what was God’s plan, and how would it come about? I was not able to keep my job due to cancer. I also have daily fatigue, which isn’t conducive to driving back and forth to class. Who would consider even allowing an older woman with all these complications? Well, God did. And Christian Leaders Institute did. I have so much gratitude for being a part of a ministry that enables someone like me to “keep moving forward.” God led me here to CLI. Although I don’t know exactly what my purpose is, God knows. He has blessed me and guided me and will continue to pave the way.