Preaching Class- I am so thrilled to read the course reflections written by students at the CLI  “Sermon and Construction Class.” Can a preaching class online actually work? At CLI, we feature proven methods taught in seminaries and Bible Schools. But we are different from a typical preaching class in that  CLI links to teachers from all over the Christian World. I am going to share with you one of the reflections from student. Enjoy.

Preaching Class -Sermon Construction and Presentation Summary                         By: Isaac Brooks preaching class

As I begun this preaching class on sermon construction and presentation, I was plague with traditional habits and superficial understanding of how preaching or teaching is suppose to be done. The art of entertainment was widely displayed as pictorial evidence for what upcoming minister and leaders were to do. I look for a preacher who is funny and entertaining and likeable, without asking whether he’s preaching the Bible and not just his own understanding of the bible. I’ve join a church because I felt the style of music was good without caring how accurately its doctrines reflect the truth of the Bible. I didn’t know what to expect, believe it or not believe. This hindered my growth in the ministry until I was posed with the opposition of “Is that all”. Now that I have been seeking more understanding and authority, I’ve learned to bypass the habitual avenues of lack.

Preaching Class – A New Understanding

Sermon construction and presentation has helped me develop a new understanding of how to create an effective sermon with various point of views. This preaching class gave me introduction to the tools, structures, and concepts helped me learn the foundational of putting a sermon together. The methods of this course have helped me develop the tools needed for future sermons. Integrating the information presented in the lectures has helped me see beyond the word printed in the scripture. The focus of read and defining has exploded in my system.

A few examples are:

The introductory by Dr. John Piper on expository preaching; “True preaching expounds biblical truth with your heart afire for God” awaking the desires I was seeking in God! This isn’t something you just read and say, “I interested in this”. This says; I’m excited about what I learning and teaching.

Writing for attention by Karen Friedman, gives you a pictorial for what you are teaching by point out article notation in a news paper. The bold writing attracts your attention. Memorizing that one point helps with constructing your topic or at least identifying a topic reference.

Preaching Class –  Types of Sermons

Understanding the different types of sermons helped me understand what was displayed all these years of attending a church. Expository, textual, and topical sermons are all excellent ways to deliver the Word of God to the congregation but understanding my style of delivery has helped me understand how to present with more confidence and technique. I have a textural delivery and study pattern with expository reference. This may sound weird but I have looked at my previous teaching and notice take I incorporate both type of preaching styles in the teaching lessons. What I’m saying is, what I have learned from this course is how to summarize my teaching style.

This  preaching class has re-energized that main principle I learned when I first understood God! That principle has helped me through tough and rough times, trails and tribulation, tragedies and suffering. This principle has giving me joy, peace, love, understanding, favor, and prosperity. What I am referring to is the walk with God! That Principle! There is a different in learning what God wants, and walking with God. God doesn’t ask for you to understand His every move, His ways, His thoughts, His pattern or His vision. Him wants is to follow His path and all thing shall be added to me according to His riches and my faith. I believe that this class has ignited that passion and desire back in me to run on and see what the end is going to be. I’m not afraid of my surrounding chatter or my critics’ opposition. Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ which strengthenth me. I have allowed Him to come into my life and control what He has already ordained! I know that if I did this in my own will, I would mess it.

Studying for and putting together the content of an effective sermon by Henry Reyenga, has put a lot of thing in perspective. In reference: How he identifies what to study (Christianity) and what does the first hearer hears. A very true and direct point made in this study is what does it means to you. If you don’t believe what you are teaching; how do you expect other believers or none believers to believe in what you are teaching.  I’ve learned to live what I’m learned and learn from what I live. Developing creativity in your sermon is also part of inspiring the congregation to want more than a Sunday morning God! This part of the Bible school study has inspired me to look at the Word of God differently. Everyone can’t see what I see. This study also incorporates an in-depth description on how each part of your study effects how the congregation receives the message.

Write your first sermon by Henry Reyenga. This was one of the most challenging parts of the whole preaching class. The first sermon was un-orchestrated for me because I wasn’t sure how to start. Reading over all the material from previous weeks and studying many online sermon constructions, I just couldn’t focus on how to present what was in my heart, and display it onto paper. I learned that if it’s easy, it’s may not be worth it, so I started taken note and comparing them with the word of God. (What a relieve it was) This part showed me to not believe in what I know, but to follow and reference God for all your understanding. Studying gave me insight but God gave me revelation.

Preaching Class – Mastering Preaching

The next six to eight weeks were part of mastering my understanding to sermon constructing. In reference: Effective Introductions, Effective Body Language, The Body of the Sermon, The Conclusion of a Sermon, and Choosing Topics and Using Technology in Preaching. These weeks of this preaching class has helped transformed my understanding and mindset.

I have to point out one article by H.B. Charles Jr. My Two Cents on Pulpit Plagiarism was the most eye opening topic of the whole lesson. He spoke of how we are learning the same context but describing it in the revelation God gives to us. H.B. Charles quote “Indeed, it was the same text. And it was essentially the same message. We both preached the same doctrinal theme from the text. We organized the messages differently. We labeled the messages differently…….” “All faithful preachers deliver an unoriginal, “stolen” message – the Word of God”. Now, this helps me understand how not to used plagiarism in a message or sermon but to formulate my sermon and let God deliver the message. It make come close to what another preacher or teacher is presenting, but if were doing God’s will, He knows what his people needs. We are willing vessels for God’s will, walk in faith. A great eye opener! God is always in the mist!

Thank you for this preaching class!

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