Peer Support Coach Ministry

Peer Support Coach Ministry

My name is Deborah Wright, and I am called to a Peer Support Coach Ministry. I was born in Detroit, Michigan, and moved to Phoenix, Arizona, in 1976, where I finished school and continue to reside. There are many opportunities for Christian leaders in my community, not just in the Church but also including some secular opportunities in the behavioral health and crisis shelter venues. These are examples of where my calling lies.

Early Years

I grew up in a broken, single-parent home where substance abuse was prevalent. I am eternally grateful for my great grandmother. She provided a children’s Bible and taught me prayers when I was a young child. Although my parents were not Christian, I did have the opportunity to attend Sunday School at a local Nazarene church in Michigan. It was there I approached the altar and asked our Lord Jesus to save me. I was 11 or 12 years old.

After moving to Arizona, life became unstable. As I entered puberty, I was always getting into trouble. Drug and alcohol abuse are critical factors to the sinful life I was living well into my early adulthood.

Change in Christ

At about age 33, I was in crisis. I had managed to destroy my marriage, my career, my friendships, and my family relationships. I also had nearly died of a drug overdose. It was then that Jesus sent someone into my life. A former co-worker that was also an ordained Christian minister invited me to church, and my life began to turn around! I am still amazed at the power of God’s love and the many miracles He has done on my behalf!

It was a long, hard walk to recovery, but I am free from drugs for over 24 years now! If not for the power of the Holy Spirit and having “eyes to see” how faithfully and powerfully the Lord worked on my behalf, I would not have made it.

My spiritual dream is to take my testimony of God’s love and salvation to hurting women and young people that are struggling with their recovery process. Jesus wants me to walk among these hurting souls as He did when He walked the Earth centuries ago. I am to minister love, hope, acceptance, and healing to the broken. Our Lord Jesus will go with me to reach out to those that desperately need Him.

Free Ministry Training at CLI

I am very thankful for the Christian Leaders Institute free ministry training. It will help me be the best ambassador for Christ that I can be in pursuing my spiritual dream and my calling. The CLI study program is such a blessing. I am thankful to be receiving quality ministry training free of charge since I will need to pay to become certified in the State of Arizona to work, volunteer, or serve in behavioral health and domestic crisis centers. I will work in what is known as a Peer Support Coach Ministry.

Peer Support Coaches are people with lived experience with addictions and successful recovery in their own lives. They work with people struggling with their recovery. I have a great desire to do this and to share my testimony and relationship with the Lord as well. I still have much work to do to prepare before stepping into this Peer Support Coach ministry, but God willing, it will happen.

“Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails.” (Proverbs 19:21 NIV)

Learn about ordination opportunities at Christian Leaders Alliance.

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