Paul Slauter –

“I am currently living in the United States of America. Ministry in the United States can be practiced with little to no resistance. However, growing trends against Christianity and moral values have increased in recent years. As stated in Romans, God will give people up to a debased mind to do what ought not to be done. What once was wrong is right, and vice versa. From abortion to same-sex marriage, the United States is quickly becoming morally broken. Hence, the need for biblical ministry in the United States is crucial, as it is everywhere around the world.

“I was baptized as an infant in a Lutheran church. From there I went to several different churches–Methodist, CRC, Baptist, Non-Denom, and back to Baptist. My walk with God did not really start until I attended a CRC church in Junior High School. Catechism produced a biblical foundation to place my faith on. I made profession of faith when I was in High School at my local CRC church. However, as I became engaged to my beautiful wife, circumstances made it necessary for us to find a new church home. That is where (after careful consideration) chose a local Baptist church. This church is where I was able to couple my “head” knowledge from the CRC church and gain a real relationship with Christ. After a couple years of attending this church, we were relocated for a while due to my job–where we attended a non-denominational for a while. Most recently, we have moved back to the Greater Grand Rapids area and are now able to attend our Baptist church once again. My faith has grown in the past few years, but most importantly, my personal relationship with Jesus has continued to grow exponentially. In addition to the church and specific family/friends, music has played a huge role with my walk with Christ. I cannot play/sing music, but I love finding different genres of music and worshiping the Lord at the same time. All things considered, I truly believe I was born totally depraved and without the grace and mercy of God choosing me, I would never have chosen Him.

“My Ministry dream is still yet to be fully realized or without an end goal. The broad dream is to continue to Advance the Kingdom of God. If I had to choose specifically right now where I believe the Lord is leading me–I feel led to the path of becoming a pastor. I am not sure if this is a senior or administrative pastoring role, but a pastoring role is where I feel led. I also am considering the possibility of a church plant. For now, I will continue to pray and seek first the Kingdom of God.”Paul Slauter

Paul Slauter Receives a Scholarship

“A scholarship at CLI will help me get the training I need. Many of the seminaries around me do not offer a schedule that will fit with my full time job. Currently my wife is a stay at home mom and I am the only source of income. CLI has made it possible for me to keep my full time job, have my wife continue to stay home, and get the training I need without sacrificing my reproducible walk with God, time with family, or my work life. CLI will be a tremendous asset for me and many others to serve God more faithfully. A scholarship will make it possible for me to continue on the path the Lord has laid out for me–He has prepared works in advance for me to do, and I think completing some advanced training will only help me get there.

“Please pray that I will be humble, quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to get frustrated or angry. As I walk down the path of ministry the Lord has laid out, please pray that I will recognize when He closes a door or opens a door. Pray that I will have strong convictions in my heart from the Lord to go the way He has chosen. Lastly, pray, pray, pray for all those who do not know Christ right now–and for those who do all around the world. God Bless.”

Paul Slauter comes from a Christian background. It’s easy for people from Christian backgrounds and homes to go through the motions, but Paul Slauter feels called to do more. Paul Slauter feels God calling him to a pastorate position. However, Paul Slauter is responsible for bringing in all the income for his family, so traditional seminary is out of the question. With a scholarship at Christian Leaders Institute, Paul Slauter can realize his ministry calling and have a greater impact for Christ.

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