Aga Fatrick Sta Ana –

“I came to know Christ when I was young. Served in the church as a musician and a youth leader until I became involved in Witchcraft and Sorcery. During those days, God didn’t give up on me. Instead, He loved me all the more. What a wonderful God we serve! And now, I love Him with everything I have.

“I’m living in the Philippines where the people are familiar with the Gospel. However, it is my dream to preach Christ where He is unknown (Romans 15:20). Presently, I serve in my church as a campus minister.

“My ministry dream is to reach out for the campuses of our nation because I believe that the future president of our country is in a campus right now. If he will be discipled, I believe that this nation will change.”Aga Fatrick Sta Ana

Aga Fatrick Sta Ana Receives a Scholarship

“CLI is like a so-good-to-be-true thing for me. I mean, I could enroll for free? What kind of business is that? I believe it’s God’s business. When God says “go,” He provides. When He told me to go, He provided CLI for me. A blessing that I will always be thankful for.

“Please pray for our campus ministry here in the Philippines. With the right vision, values and strategies, I believe that the kingdom of God will explode here in ways we could never imagine.”

Aga Fatrick Sta Ana is a man on a mission. He experienced the love of God in a very personal way when he was called back from a life of sin after growing up in the church. Now Aga Fatrick Sta Ana has a renewed passion to serve God. Aga Fatrick Sta Ana desires to take the gospel to areas of the world that have never heard of Jesus. With a scholarship from Christian Leaders Institute, Aga Fatrick Sta Ana can be equipped to carry out his missions vision.

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