Pastoring Ministry Call

Pastoring Ministry Calling

Hello. My name is Jennifer Krawczyk and I live in Clarksburg, WV. I have enjoyed telling people about God ever since I felt God’s pastoring ministry call to serve Him. My childhood wasn’t a very good one. Ever since the age of two, I have been sexually, mentally, and physically abused. I was homeless several times. I got taken away from my biological parents at the age of 5. My foster mom was the first person who tried to get me to go to church. But after the pastor told me that Jesus loves me and was there for me, I no longer wanted to go. I felt as though I had just been lied to. Why would someone who loved me as much as the pastor said Jesus did, allow me to go through everything I had gone through?

When I was 10 years old, I was adopted. I thought my life was starting to look up. Then at the age of 13, my life took a turn for the worse. I started struggling with depression and I had no one to talk to. My adoptive mother did not understand what I was going through. I ended up going to the hospital for a suicide attempt. I was questioning this “God” that everyone wanted me to love and worship. When I was 16, I was arrested for something I did out of anger. While locked up, I heard about God at least once a week if not more. I just could not understand why someone so loving would want me to go through everything I had in my life so far.

I was released when I was 18. I had no home to go to so I went to a homeless shelter. I was there until my 19th birthday when I got my first apartment. Then, I met a guy who I married when I turned 21. He turned out to be an abusive alcoholic. He wanted me to drink but I didn’t want to. My friends all had me use pills when he drank. So my husband found out one day that I was using. He beat me for that and every day I kept getting beat when he would drink. I kept using to help with the pain. I got addicted to the painkillers, and one day I had had enough of the abuse. I overdosed and was sent to the emergency room, and then my blood pressure bottomed out. I was so tired that I fell asleep even though the nurse told me not to. While my eyes were closed, I saw this really bright light appear to me. I was no longer scared and I was at peace for the first time in my life. When I woke up, my blood pressure was near perfect. I didn’t understand anything about what just happened so I wanted to find a pastor.

I left my husband and went to another homeless shelter. While I was there I went to a nearby church looking for answers. The pastor told me it was Jesus’ light and that only a few see the light and live to tell about it. I was one of the few! I ended up going to celebrate recovery at a local church and getting the help I needed for my drug addiction. It was a couple weeks after that that I was saved. Then one day, I heard God telling me to serve Him. I asked how I should serve and images of me being a pastor came to my mind which is how I received my pastoring ministry call from God.

My pastoring ministry call dream is to one day have a church where people can come as they are. I want to leave my church door open so people can come to the Lord anytime. While I was getting closer to God, I lost all of my old friends and people started questioning me about God. I realized that I needed to know more about God and his word the Bible. So, I hope to be able to use my Christian Leaders Institute training to not only get closer to God but to also become a pastor. Free training is necessary for me because I am cannot afford to pay for college. A scholarship for my training is important because I really want to become a pastor.

Learn about ordination at Christian Leaders Alliance.

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