Pastoral Ministry Education

Pastoral Ministry Education

My name is Kapesa Liato. I am receiving pastoral ministry education at Christian Leaders Institute. I am originally from Zambia in Southern Africa. But I have been living in South Africa as a missionary since 2011. I am serving as a Spiritual coordinator at a Christian organization called The Leadership Experience (LXP). My roles are to coordinate all the spiritual activities, be a facilitator and mentor, and to conduct community transformation programs.

I gave my life to Jesus in 2006 after suffering from severe depression. In my pursuit to find answers and healing, I found God. God sent men and women that helped me to come to a place of accepting Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. I immediately joined a church in my local community. Since that time, I have been part of the body of Christ.

What inspired me to join Christian Leaders Institute is the way they are devoted to teaching and to training revival leaders for the kingdom of God. Because I am at a place of leadership at church and at work, I would like to acquire more knowledge of the Bible so that I can become a more effective leader.

Since I began the getting started class at Christian Leaders Institute, I have come to learn new things. These things have really helped me in my personal walk with God. The things I have learned have also helped me grow in my relationships with the people that I share life with every day.

Getting this scholarship with Christian Leaders Institute will help me. I am excited to gain more knowledge of God and of the Word of God. It will also prepare me to be more effective in my area of calling as a pastor.

Learn about ordained minister study programs at Christian Leaders Alliance.

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