Pastoral Calling

Pastoral Calling

My name is Alejandro Salvi and I have a pastoral calling for my life. I reside in Parkland, Florida in the United States of America. I was born in Miami, Florida and have lived in Florida most of my life. I first attended a Christian school, but then later went to the public school system in Miami. After graduating, I attended the University of Miami and Clemson University and received my Bachelor of Arts in Economics. After graduating, I attended the United States Navy in the aviation program and received my training as a pilot. After my discharge, I became an Airline pilot in which I still practice today.

I did not become serious about pursuing a walk with God until I got to know my wife’s family in Colombia. I saw how the people in Colombia had such passion for Jesus and God that it intrigued me further. I became good friends with a pastor named Rodrigo in Dos Quebradas, Colombia, which is the town next to where my wife grew up. The people in Colombia have so much faith and are content with what they have. I began to realize that there is something for me to do here, to better their lives and to better mine spiritually. After many visits, I became more involved and realized that Father Rodrigo and his church need my help. I have been and still am fortunate to be in the position that I am in. I heard the call to do something and never from that day is there any turning away. Father Rodrigo and I have become the best of friends and it is my honor to follow God’s leading as I help this small church in a less fortunate neighborhood in Dos Quebradas, Colombia. This is my pastoral calling and I am answering it.

My ministry dream is to eventually take Father Rodrigo’s church to a level where he can provide a better service to his members. However, my long-term dream is to provide not only a difference in people’s lives but to open a church that will provide free services for people who can not afford funeral services for their loved ones. It is important to show respect to a family’s loved one once they pass on. I noticed how these people are stressed out for not being able to provide this to a dear loved one in a grieving moment.

This course has given me the opportunity to strengthen my walk with God and I follow where He leads me in my pastoral calling. I will do the calling of a pastor. I am a good leader and willing to work. I have commanded many missions and I am a captain of my aircraft. In addition, my access to these benefits in the airline has opened more doors to get items and myself to these areas that are in dire straits.

These people do much with little and I respect them immensely for that. God put my wife in my path, which in turn brought me to Father Rodrigo through my wife’s grandmother. Father Rodrigo, believes that God sent me to rescue his church in Dos Quebradas, Colombia, to help him get his church to the status it needs to be to better serve his members. So these events in that order brought me closer to God and eventually to Father Rodrigo. He has told me that I have been sent to him for his people at his church. Since my involvement in his church, members have become very acquainted with me and look to me for leadership. It makes me feel grateful to be able to take my blessed life and spread it to these people one at a time.

Obtaining a scholarship with CLI will not only benefit me but countless people in Dos Quebradas, Colombia that I have been sent to help in many ways. I desire to take it to the next level. God is guiding me, and my only reward is to see these people rise higher and give them hope through God, Father Rodrigo and myself. I ask that you pray for the people of this church and every church, every person that needs our help. Thank you for offering this incredible course and opportunity. I have never been so excited to learn and do the Lord’s work.

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