Pastor Ordination

Pastor Ordination

I am Trevor Withers and I am called to receive pastor ordination. I grew up in Ontario, Canada. I was raised in the small village of Athens, Ontario, with a population of 1000 people. Growing up in such a small community shaped the way that I would grow and mature as a person and as a Christian. While I was in high school, however, I got the urge to leave my small grassroots behind and discover something bigger and better. God led my attention to Calgary, Alberta, to the school called Ambrose University. After moving here and finding a church, I met my wife.

Canada has its challenges in terms of ministry opportunities. It is true that we have freedom of religion and, for the most part, you would not be openly persecuted for your faith. However, because of this “freedom” people have become apathetic and unresponsive to the gospel. Therefore, it is challenging to minister to people who genuinely do not care about what you say. But it is not impossible, as all things are possible through Christ who gives me strength (Phil 4:13).

I became a Christian when I was 14 after watching the movie called Soul Surfer. In the film, Bethany Hamilton, who is a professional surfer, survives a shark attack and loses her left arm. She struggles to learn how to surf again and even why God would do something like this to her. This movie inspired me, even as it inspired millions of other people, to want to be used by God. A few years after this event God called me into the ministry.

My ministry dream is to be a pastor of a church after receiving pastor ordination. I believe that God will reveal to me how and where I will serve at the appropriate time. My wife and I also have the desire to be involved in family ministry.

This first Christian Leaders Institute class has helped me to refocus my attention on God. The act of learning is something that is important to the growth of us humans. Without it, we become stagnant. Just the other day, I was in a Christian bookstore and they were handing out free, miniature crosses. I felt an urge to take one. Later that day, God pointed out a person that I should give it to. I could share with that person that God loved them and I gave them the cross. I was only able to hear God’s voice in this because of the way this class has gotten me in spiritual shape.

As I alluded earlier I feel called to receive pastor ordination. Specifically, I feel very called to share the gospel with people who are seeking it out and want to know more. I feel that I am someone who could get to know a person, build a relationship with them, and be used to lead them to know the one true King, Jesus.

My local church was instrumental in directing me into the ministry. When I first received my call, I went to my mentors at the time and asked them if they could see me pursuing a life in the ministry. All of them were very confident in my calling, that it was from God and fit what they saw in me. Without their support, I don’t think that I would still be pursuing the ministry today.

Without the scholarship at CLI, I would not be able to complete my ministry training. I tried traditional ministry education for two years, and all I accomplished was acquiring a hefty sum of debt. Now that I have a wife, I do not have the money to be able to go to school and support my wife. I desperately want to get my degree and pastor ordination. Without CLI, I do not think that it would be possible. Please pray for me as I continue down this journey at CLI. I will need focus and diligence to complete and do well in my courses.

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