Pastor Ministry

Pastor Ministry

My name is Craig Arnold and I live in Sydney, Australia. To do pastor ministry in Australia would be something very special. It is something I received a calling for while I was in prison. I also found the Lord in prison. I was in a small cell, and there was nothing to read but a Bible. I picked it up and started to read it, and haven’t put it down since. That’s how I found the Lord.
My ministry dream is to become a pastor and keep spreading the Word of God Almighty. As I wrote before, I have a calling and I want to answer that calling the best I can. Taking this class has even made me want it more, and I feel closer to God and am understanding more and more, how important it is to have Him in my life.

The dream of pastor ministry is something I really want. I want to help people in need; to be there for people who just need someone to listen. Working in the prison system passing on the Word is also what I would like to pursue. If not for the Bible and the prison pastor, Pastor Glenn, I wouldn’t have found the Lord at all. Pastor Glenn has played a big role in me wanting this dream. And I am still in touch with him to this day.

I would like to get more young people to church, but at times it seems a real challenge in the area I live. With youth crime on the rise, drinking, and drugs everywhere, different cultures, it will be hard. But I really want to make a difference and I am up for the challenge.

Connecting with the Bible has changed me as a person in so many ways. I could feel the change happening in prison. I had a real enlightenment in my heart, and that made me realize, I had connected with the Holy Spirit. I handed it all over to the Lord. Now I am a lot calmer as a person, more understanding and have become a good listener, and a good, loving, caring person. The feeling inside never goes away, and I love that.

My local church, Christian City Church, has been very supportive in what I want to do, and I take a study class every Sunday evening with them. My mother and father, and my two siblings are not Christians but have all been very supportive and are behind me 100%. Getting a scholarship through Christian Leaders Institute is very important to me. It is the start of my journey in pursuing this dream. I am proud to be part of CLI. Please pray for me that I get to where God wants me to be and do what He wants me to do.

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