My name is Timothy Conroy and I live in the United States of America. I am married and have two children. The USA is an exciting place to begin your ministry as the religious freedom prevents much of the barriers some Christians experience. I came to know Jesus as my Savior at the age of 6 while attending Cedar Grove Baptist Church in Warsaw, Missouri.
My ministry dream is to be used by Jesus to bring others to know His grace and love through full time ministry. I relate more to the idea of becoming a full time pastor rather than missionary or church planter. I have always felt a call from God, but have limited my calling by only allowing my concept of my abilities to dictate what God wants me to do.
I have had several life experiences that have prompted me to pursue my ministry calling, but the primary experience was when I came in contact with a cousin I hadn’t seen in years. He had become the pastor of a small church and encouraged me to pursue my ministry goals by mentioning what God had told him about my future.
My family serves an important role in my ministry goals as they are very supportive and bring many valuable resources to the ministry.
Christian Leaders Institute’s scholarship program is extremely important to me and my family as we cannot afford traditional seminary. As I am the sole provider for a family of four I have other needs to provide for and cannot get any other scholarships for a traditional seminary program. Without the scholarship from Christian Leaders Institute I would not be able to get the additional training for my ministry goals.
I would ask Christian Leaders Institute to pray for my walk with God to continue to grow and that I be granted the grace and wisdom to fulfill the calling Jesus has placed on my life.

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