Ordained Pastor Journey

Ordained Pastor Journey

Hello, my name is Tim Cluckey and I am on an ordained pastor journey. I am married to my loving wife, Diana.  We are parents to three amazing boys and we reside in Niles, Ohio. I was fortunate enough to be born in a very caring, Christian home. My parents were not raised Christian but found the Lord together as a married couple. My father became a minister and he, along with my mother, raised six children in the knowledge of the Lord.

At a young age, I knew I wanted and needed to be in ministry, but, as I became an older teenager, I fought against that calling. I have always been a shy person and getting in front of people to talk terrified me. I tried different professions, but none of them gave me any satisfaction. My older brother, Scott, told me that he was called to plant a church and I immediately felt that “pull” to go along with him for that journey. I prayed long and hard and knew that this was finally an opportunity for me to get back on the right track. Solid Rock Christian Church started in my living room in Niles, Ohio in May of 2011. After numerous locations, we are now settled in an old elementary school building that we use for many different types of ministries.

I am in the process of becoming the associate pastor at Solid Rock Christian Church. I have done quite a few sermons and Bible studies. I am very much involved in children’s ministry and I have assisted with our youth group. I want to gain more knowledge about becoming a minister and I feel God calling me to become a head pastor someday on this ordained pastor journey. I have given all my fears and reservations to God because He is much bigger than them. I want to reach out to people and guide them to the light and grace of God.

I know I can achieve my goals with Christian Leaders Institute. I hope to use the courses here to expand my knowledge of the Word and better prepare myself for the obstacles that I will face with my ministry. I will go out into the world and spread the Word of God.

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