Ordained Minister Calling

Ordained Minister Calling

Greetings Friends, I am Shane Novy. Currently of Glennville, GA. I am an Army Infantry Veteran of ten plus years, then became diabetic and was released from the Army. I am originally from Madison and Green Bay, Wisconsin. I grew up in a single parent home and my mother felt it important that my siblings and I grow up knowing the Lord. I was baptized in the Methodist Church and attended a Catholic School. I spent much time with my best friend’s youth group of the Lutheran Denomination. As a teenager, I felt a strong ordained minister calling. However, as a younger man, I began questioning my beliefs and turned to Paganism and Druidism. I spent many years in that place. Recently, with the loss of my only son, I have felt a pull back to my beginnings and a renewal of faith.

My dream is just to learn as much as I can, become ordained and the share the word with any and all who will participate.

With the Getting Started and Christian Basics classes, I have opened the Bible and my heart together and have found new meaning to words I have long forgotten. I spend several hours a day reading and praying and relearning the relationship I had walked away from all those years ago. I feel more content and happier just having God back in my life.

I would say that I identify with the role of Pastor and Church Planter more than anything. It seems that no matter what I do I strive to be the best and end up sharing with and mentoring those who are just beginning in an area which I find myself in. The idea of starting a new church fascinates me.

My time as a teenager and the mentoring I received from Pastor Miller was the beginning of my ordained minister calling. He and his wife had a huge impact on my young life. It is from them that the desire to serve God arose. I still remember singing the hymn “Holy, Holy, Holy” while mowing my rather large yard after coming home from church on summer Sundays.

Living in Southeastern Georgia is a challenge in itself but religiously speaking you are hard pressed to not find a church within a mile of any place you find yourself. Another challenge will be to find a location and a group who wishes to partake in a new church experience.

Reconnecting to the Bible and actually reading it and finding meaning in it has opened my eyes and reawakened my relationship with God. With it, I feel whole again and do not have any doubts or questions as I had once before.

Honestly, I am still looking for a local church to attend. I speak with my friends and acquaintances about God and my renewed belief and a few have already suggested that they may be interested in attending a church that we start together.

I am divorced and the loss of my son has reignited my desire for the things of God and following my ordained minister calling.

The scholarship at Christian Leaders Institute offers me the ability to attain my goals while I also can work and pay the bills, yet I still may have enough to donate back to CLI. It seems that it may be a circle between us.

To learn more about Minister Ordination go to Christian Leaders Alliance.

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